Tree of savior Templar class guide

Tree of savior Templar guide 

The guild leader class. This class is required if you intend to create a guild. Although, it is not necessary to play the original character, as every other character in your account will receive the "Guild Leader" status, but the Templar skills will remain usable only by a Templar.
Many people consider this a "waste" of a Rank, since they would like to get more damage but are forced into taking this to create a guild.
Because of this, there are many approaches as to how to build a Templar. Some people simply decided to make a an "AFK" character with Peltasta and Squire, nothing more. While I think it is a valid option to follow, I also believe it is a mistake.
In my opinion it is possible to build a real combat character with Templar, particularly using the Fencer or Cataphract classes, but there are other combinations that can work as well.
Right now Guild content isn't as developed, and the Templar class isn't either. We don't know if Templar will be a requirement for future content, as well as to how impactful the use of this class will be on active events (a Guild vs Guild structure war, for example).
Because of this, there is a lot of room for speculation and theory-crafting, but simply put, there is no way of knowing until we get more information about future Guild content.

Circle 1

  • Build Guild Tower (Level 5): This is the most important skill, as it allows you to build a Guild Tower that will serve as the hideout for your guild. Adding more levels allows you to access the guild warehouse, grow plants (for alchemists) and start guild events.
  • Warp to Guild Member (Level 1): Max level is 1.
  • Battle Orders (0~5): This skill isn't really useful right now, one could say that it would improve the combat effectiveness of the Templar and those around him, but 25 STR isn't really much, considering that you need 5 points into it to get that amount. Overall not worth it.
  • Reduce Craft Time (Level 5): Out of combat utility, while not significantly useful, it is still nice to have and a better choice to spend points into, considering there are not many options left.
  • Summon Guild Member (Level 1~4): You can spend the rest of your points on this skill. Just keep into consideration that you can't summon guild members to dungeons or other instances.
The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Templar class guide writen by Cathexis

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