Stone Age Begins Beginner’s Strategy Guide

Beginner’s Strategy Guide

For a first-time player, navigating the vast territory of Tectonika can be tricky! What happens if you get stuck in a rut and can’t get past a stage? How can you overcome the Altar of Spirits when your Pututu just isn’t strong enough? Why can’t an amazing Legendary pet just swoop in and save the day?
I can’t help with the last one, but I can give you some tips to making progress in the game when you’re just starting out.
Strengthening Your Pets
While it’s definitely true that Heroic and Legendary pets are more powerful in battle than others, when you’re just starting out you have to work with what you’ve got, right? Here are some tips to make your Rare or Superb pets into great warriors!

Level up and evolve!
  •  This seems like an obvious solution, but even a level or two makes a huge difference for a pet! You can level them up just by gaining experience in battle, but you can get XP Herbs to speed up the process.
Places to Get XP Herbs:

  • It’s not only important to level them up, but also to level up their skills as you level them up. Even a level 50 pet will not be strong enough unless its skills have been unlocked, and set to max level. 

  • As for evolving pets, you can use low-rank material pets or evolve material to rank them up! Any pet or Aura can be used to evolve your pet, but if it is the same element it give a 1.5x increase in the points. This is super useful when you want to evolve them faster
Amulets, amulets, amulets!
  • As you evolve your pets, they will be subjected to a random growth rate. You can train your pets later on in the Pet Ranch when you reach level 33, but until then you have to deal with what they are given when they evolve. You can make up for some of these weak stats by equipping them with amulets!

  •  These are divided into 4 categories: Attack, Defense, Health, and Resist. You can use any amulet to enhance one, even if they are not in the same category. However, you can only equip one of each type!

Places to get Pet Amulets:

Calling for backup!
  •  It’s very tempting to have only 4 beefed-up pets, one of each element, but as your adventure goes on it will become increasingly more difficult to battle against all Water-type enemies when your Fire-type pets go down in the first round. Keep at least 2 pets of each element extra strong to help in later battles!
All the SoulStones!
  •  If you are starting off with Rare or Superb pets, it is really helpful to start collecting Soulstones right away so you can summon new pets or Fuse the ones you have! The sooner you start, the faster you can get a really great pet!

For all of you users who are starting out, I hope this was helpful for you! It takes a lot of time and effort to make your team strong, and the game content can be overwhelming, but keep these things in mind and you will get through it!

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