seven knights ruby farming

seven knights ruby farming Farming for Newbs by RikuYagami


Im a pleb, just like the casual you and me. I read the pinned post about farming and was wondering how a newb like me would accomplish farming without these high class heroes.
(For details check this: 7K Guide by Joshua Lee
So i tried a few things and this is my way of Ruby farming.


2 lazy 2 read? This is for you fella:

Velika/Jave 6*+5,
1-10 Normal,
1-4 Formation lvl 20,
DD in back, 4 fodders in front
Mastery until lvl 35,
1 hit wave 1 and 2.
9-10 keys till fodders hit lvl 30

Detailed version

Why Velika?

Im using Velika 6* since i got her from the Halloween event as my first 6* ( kinda lucky i guess ) and tried to max my efficency of farming.
Its possible to farm the same way with Jave, Ariel .. or any other strong 2x AoE DD.
These would be the first few of my choice.

Must he/she be +5?

No! But i highly recommend it.
For example i was able to farm this way with Velika only +3 as well.

What gear do you use on her?

Currently i use 5*+3 weapon (w/ Crit-Rate) and 5*+0 Armor (w/ Max TP).
So, you can use random crap gear for this.
I dont think ´high stat gear´is that important for her, 4* or 5* will do the job just as well.
Im planning to use higher * gear when i get the right one for Velika.

Why 1-10?

On a newb perspective, you only need to get to 1-10 Normal mode. Its easy to get there and with this method, the best spot to farm.

Check “Which Quest” for more details.

Why 1-4 Formation?

When in 1-4 Formation your one hero in the backline gets a damage boost. The percentage of how high the bonus, depends on your Formation lvl.
I think around lvl 15 is fine. The rule, the higher the better applies here!
Its extremly easy to get a high lvl formation because you only have to pay gold to lvl it up.


What do i spend my rubies on? Everyone suggest on your masteries first, its a permanent buff.
For this farming-spot, having your masteries unlocked until Lvl 35 is fine.
Till there you get enough boost to do this. I suggest full offensive because you are going to one hit your enemies and need no defense then.

Which Quest?

As i mentioned earlier.
You´r doing several quests instead while farming.
1. Kill X normal Monsters -> Get X Ruby
2. Kill X Boss Monster -> Get X Ruby
(You won´t get this when you do 7-1!! More later on that)
3. Recruite X heroes -> Get X Ruby
4. Train 30 heroes to lvl 30 -> Get 200 Honor
5. Get X Items -> Get X Ruby
6. Get X Gold -> Get X Gold
7.Summon X heroes -> Get X Gold

1./3./4./5./6. will be recieved from any farm method.
2. Only if there is a boss monster on the stage ( which is on 1-10 )
7. IF you want to fulfull this quest while farming, make sure you used your higher valuable friends heroes for CR or CL first.

Dude, why are you not going 7-1 with a taunt hero?

This seems legit, 7-1 you gain more gold than 1-10, with more exp. BUT you can only take 3 fodders with you because even tho you´r in 1-4 formation,
your DD has to be in backline and your taunt in front with the fodders, so only 3 fodders are possible.

Okay everybody, i hate math just as much as everybody else in this world, if you dont, stop lying.

7-1 wont let you hit your fodders lvl 30 in less than 9 keys, but for example lets say it would in 8 keys.
Imagine you have 72 keys.

(72 Keys) : ( 8 Keys until fodders hit lvl 30) = (9x your GROUP will hit lvl 30)
( 9 GROUPS) * ( 3 fodders per GROUP) = ( 27 fodders will hit lvl 30 with 72 keys overall)

( 27 fodders) * ( 2 Ruby per lvl 30) = ( 54 Rubies)

( 72 Keys) : ( 9 Keys until fodders hit lvl 30) = ( 8x  your GROUP will hit lvl 30)

( 8 GROUPS) * ( 4 fodders per GROUP) = ( 32 fodders will hit lvl 30 with 72 keys overall)

( 32 fodders) * ( 2 Ruby per lvl 30) = ( 64 Rubies)

So after running 1-10, 72 times you get 10 more ruby than from 7-1 even tho 7-1 could make your 3 lowtiers in 8 keys lvl 30.
Furthermore 1-10 is extremly fast, you´r done in 25-35 seconds per run

“Okay Senpai, enough math, what are the downsides from this method?”

Lets face it, its for beginners to farm, so anybody who cant even do the ´Starter´-farm from Joshua Lee might use this.

First downside, you wont get as much gold as in 7-1 or hard mode. Even in 7-1 you gain about 300-500 more gold per Key(!) as in 1-10.

Secondly sometimes one fodder might die. Because on the second turn, its most likely that your enemy will start, and its either an ATTACK or BUFF spell.
The Attack one usually kills one of your fodders instant, so only 3 get the exp from the second turn.
But in like 70% of fights my enemy buffs first ( i think it works as in arena, buffs seem to happen in most cases more often than offensive spells ).

Even tho your DD is in the backline. Sometimes in the second turn IF your enemy uses his Attack spell first, there is a slight chance that he attacks your backliner, he survives in 100% of cases.

So even IF your enemy uses an attack in his second turn, your fodder will not always die.

To sum all of this up i would say,
if you lack of GOLD, go for 7-1 with 1 DD, 1 Taunt and 3 Fodders,
if you want to farm Ruby hard, go for 1-10 with 1 DD and 4 Fodders.

Thank you very much for reading,
if you got any questions left feel free to ask, i will continue to edit this guide with any information flowing in.


2 Responses to "seven knights ruby farming"

  1. for gold hunt why it must 7-1 is there another field beside that
    and it hard level or normal or easy because i want to gold hunt because i lack of gold

    1. from what I can tell stages 1-10,2-5,2-10,5-5 etc are also good for gold in hard mode.