Tree of savior Fencer class guide

Tree of savior Fencer guide 

Another great class of the Swordsman tree, and you get to use Rapiers.
Now, while I previously stated that "tanks" don't really exist in the way we know them from other games, there is still a degree to which one has to "tank", and in doing so, Fencer is the best class in the Swordsman tree to do so, in my opinion.
The idea behind Fencer is a swift combat style that focuses around good timing to evade or block the attacks of the opponent. So, while this class is fairly easy and straight forward to use, it also has the potential to become even better on the hands of skilled players.
The first circle is one of the best ones to take if you are looking to add more damage sources to your build. And while it won't deal as much damage as a Doppelsoeldner, it still holds it's ground pretty well.
Fencer also has the benefit of acquiring at least 1 and up to 2 skills with no cool-down, which make it great for builds that have trouble trying to find fillers for their skill rotations and even in general it is a great option to have, as you can use those instead and save your big skills for when it really matters.
Because of their nature, they are better built with an evasion focused build, but they don't have to only be built that way. It is possible to instead build a more DPS or more "tank" (as in HP and block) oriented too.
The only drawback for Fencer is that Rapiers are more fragile than other weapons, so you will have to make sure keep it repaired or carry an extra one for prolonged sessions of combat.
Because of the amount of skills the first Circle provides, it is a great enabling class to cover the weaknesses that other classes might cause in a build, like Templar or Rodelero, for example.

Circle 1

  • Flanconnade (Level 1~5): This is your first 0 cool-down skill, an it is Slash type and it hits twice. It does use quite a bit of SP so you can't spam it all day long, but with moderate use you won't have problems using this most of the time. I personally prefer to have it at level 5, because of how frequently it is used, but level 1 could also work if you would rather spend those points elsewhere.
    It is also important to know that you can block an incoming attack if you use this skill at the same time as that attack is used. This skill shines on the hands of a good player.
  • Esquive Toucher (Level 0~1~?): The animation of this skill is very slow, which makes it not so great to deal damage. It does increase your evasion for 0.5 when you cast it, so it could potentially be good to counter incoming attacks, but in my opinion Flanconnade does it better. You can take level if you want an extra skill on your kit, but it is not necessary.
  • Lunge (Level 5): This skill is amazing, it will hit the target 4 times making it vulnerable to Slash damage and also increasing your evasion for 4 seconds. It is a good skill to combo not only with Fencer skills, but from other classes as well.
  • Sept Etoiles (Level 1~5): This skill quickly deals 7 hits of Pierce-type damage, it is one of the fastest burst skills in the entire Swordsman tree, second to only Hexen Dropper. Great for PvP as it deals a big amount of hits without requiring much time to do so.
  • Attaque Coquille (Level 1~?): This skill is mainly used for it's utility, which makes the target's defense be ignored when using Pierce-type attacks.
    Level 1 is usually enough because the duration is 5 seconds and it has a 8 seconds cool-down, which is low enough to keep it up constantly.
    Each skill point increases the duration of the debuff by 1 second, so you might prefer to have increased duration of this skill instead of more damage from Sept Etoiles, so you can take points from there to place them here.

Circle 2

  • Attaque Composee (Level 1~5): This is the same as Flanconnade, but it deals Pierce damage instead of Slash. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same blocking effect, so it is pure damage. Level 1 is mandatory, and you can add as many points as you feel comfortable with, since it is a 0 cool-down skill.
  • Preparation (Level 1~?): This is a channeling stance in which you will block incoming attacks, and if you successfully block an attack you will deal twice damage on your next Pierce damage hit (note that is only the first hit and not an entire attack, so multi-hit skills will only deal twice the damage on the first hit).
    In my opinion level 1 is more than enough, since it is not that good and the scaling on the increase of block % is not that good, considering the amount of skill points that need to be invested into it.
  • Lunge (Level 10): I prefer to max this skill because it still keeps on adding a percentage to evasion, so at level 10 it is +100% evasion after using it. And it scales decently on damage, plus it is multi-hit.
  • Flanconnade or Sept Etoiles (Remaining points): Depending on which one you feel is more useful to you.
The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Fencer class guide writen by Cathexis

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