Tree of savior Shinobi class guide

Tree of savior Shinobi guide 

Ah, the ninja class.
Before you get too excited. Keep in mind that this is still a fairly untested class, that will most likely go through some balance changes in the future.
We also don't know if it will remain as a 1 Circle class, or how it will shape when more content, rank and classes are introduced to the game.
Because of this, there are some things that currently work with the Shinobi class but we are unsure as if it is a bug, intended and whether or not it will be fixed in the future. This particularly includes being able to use Swordsman skills with the Shinobi clones, which shouldn't be possible according to the skill description, but it is.
You might also have seen some videos of some Shinobi dealing a big burst damage to some bosses (after making them vulnerable to attacks). Don't be fooled by this. While Shinobi is a one trick pony and can shine under certain, very specific scenarios, they are still lacking on most other aspects of the game.
In my opinion, there are much stronger classes builds to get at the moment for both, PvE and PvP. But I do believe that there is room for creativity in build creation for PvP, as Shinobi has some interesting mechanics on it's skill set.
I think that the idea for Shinobi is solid, but it is still fairly undeveloped and needs to be adjusted, improved or reworked in the future, as currently it lacks identity as a class.
If you choose to pursue this path, be aware that Shinobi is a hidden Rank 7 class and it requires to have a quest completed before advancing to it. This quest involves acquiring some items, which can have up to 4 hours of re-spawn time, and if you are competing against other people trying to complete the quest too, then it could be a frustrating experience.
As a final note, all the Shinobi skills are Pierce-type damage, so they have good synergy with other classes that increase that type of damage, such as Hoplite, Fencer and even Highlander.

Circle 1

  • Bushin no Jutsu (Level 5): You will summon clones of yourself to help you in battle. They are not able to use any skill but Kunai and Swordsman-class skills (which could be a bug and could be fixed on the future, be warned). You will also take additional damage for each clone you have active, so at 5 clones you will receive 5x the damage you normally would. Your evasion is also slit/reduced by the number of clones.
    The main use of this skill is as a burst combo with Kunai, primarily, which is the main asset of this class.
  • Kunai (Level 1~5): You launch kunais in front of you and deal Pierce damage to enemies. If you have clones with you, they will also use them, which makes it a good burst damage combo. The scaling of the skill isn't that good, so level 1 is a good option if you want to spend points on other skills. Otherwise, you can always max this for that one trick with the clones.
  • Mokun no Jutsu (Level 1~5): When you use it, it will place a buff on you and the next time you are hit, you will transform into a log of wood avoiding all damage for the duration of the skill (the first hit you receive to activate the skill will also go through, so you will receive that damage), after a couple seconds you will fall on top or near the opponent who hit you, causing some damage.
    The damage starts at 981 at level 1, and increases by 232 every level.
    Level 1 is more than enough for the utility, but you can add more points to it if you want more damage out of it. I think it has some decent use in PvP against certain classes.
    It also doesn't block any CC, so if you are hit by any CC during the duration, once you fall down you will be CC'ed.
  • Katon no Jutsu (Level 1~5): This skill deals some decent damage in a line in front of you, but the main appeal of it is it's attribute, which will hide your character for up to 8 seconds after using it. 
    If you need more damage skills on your rotation, it is good to level it up. Otherwise, if you would rather use the points on other skills, then Level 1 is enough for utility (as far as I can tell, Level 1 is enough to get the attribute, but I could be mistaken, would need someone to clarify for me).
    It also uses 2 Ninjutsu Bombs when activated, so that might be another thing to consider.
  • Mijin no Jutsu (Level 0~5): This is kind of a nuke skill, which will deal damage to yourself and others around you. The damage you receive is decreased with each skill level and you can kill yourself by using it, so be careful.
    On the good side, your character will hide for up to 9 seconds after using this skill, so that could be something useful if someone gets creative with it.
    It consumes 5 Ninjutsu Bombs when activated.
The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Shinobi  class guide writen by Cathexis

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