Tree of savior Corsair class guide

Tree of savior Corsair  guide 

It was a very popular class, and it still is a very popular class. And for good reasons!
Corsair is a class that offers a variety of tools to help at different situations. From making money through Jolly Roger, to enabling PvP builds with Iron Hook, and offering some of the highest DPS in the Swordsman tree with Hexen Dropper.
While many skills of this class can be used with any type of weapon, a few of the primary skills (specially on Circle 2), require the use of a 1H weapon and a dagger off-hand. Fortunately, you can use different types of main weapons, including swords, spears and rapiers. So be aware that you will have to use a dagger on your off-hand most of the time, but you can always use weapon-swap to use other weapon sets. Don't let this stop you from being creative with your build.
With the addition of Rank 7 also came the Circle 3 of this class. Which allows the Corsair to use a Pistol on the off-hand and use a new skill: Pistol Shot. Unfortunately, Pistol and the skill are both extremely weak and don't add anything to the build.
The only reason to go into Circle 3 is to add more damage to Hexen Dropper or to get a 100% up-time on Double Weapon Assault, or even a higher duration on Iron Hook / higher damage on Keel Hauling. Which, in my opinion, are good NOT enough reasons.
You get more utility, damage and tools by choosing other classes to complement your build, such as Dragoon, Doppelsoeldner, Fencer, etc.
While Circle 1 and Circle 2 of Corsair are good, Circle 3 needs to be reworked and I advice staying far away from it until it gets improved.

Circle 1

The allocation of skill points depend on whether or not you are aiming to go into Corsair C2, and if it is a PvE or PvP build.
  • Dust Devil (Level 1~5): This skill works at level 1 as a CC source, as it immobilizes enemies around you for 1.5 seconds making them spin. The damage scaling isn't particularly high on this skill, but it if you have remaining skill points you can place them in here.
  • Iron Hook (Level 1~5): This skill is mainly for PvP, since it has limited use in PvE. Adding skill levels to it increases the duration, and you can capture up to 3 targets with it's attribute. I would recommend spending a good amount of points into this skill, as the duration could make a big difference in the outcome of the battle.
    If you are aiming for a PvE build, you can skil this skill or leave it at level 1, as it has little to no impact on PvE.
  • Keel Hauling (Level 0~5): Keel Hauling deals damage and causes Bleeding to the target hit by Iron Hook. The draw-back is that it only works for 1 target, and if you intend to use Iron Hook to capture 3 then this skill is not necessary. You can choose whether or not to level it up and have more tools available for PvP scenarios (this would suit a 1vs1 scenario more), and it can and it will deal some good damage if you manage to land Iron Hook on your target.
  • Unlock Chest (Level 0): This skill is useless, as there are very few chests in the game and they all can be opened with a key.
  • Jolly Roger (Level 1~?): I decided to leave this skill at the end, as it is one of the most interesting ones.
    When you use it, you will place a flag on the floor which has aggro of it's own and can attract nearby enemies to it. However, it is not a substitute for a real taunt and certainly not as effective. It can still be useful during some situations though. 
    The second effect it has, is that it will make mobs that die nearby to have a chance of dropping additional Silver. It is not a 100% guaranteed chance, but it will add some significant amount of Silver to your pockets over time, specially when using it during dungeons or other content with a high amount of mobs. People will love to have in your their party for this.
    Using more points into this skill will increase the duration for which the flag is active. At level 1 it lasts for 30 seconds with a 16 seconds cool-down, which is more than enough in my opinion, but you can add more levels if you feel that it could be somehow be useful to your build, or if you don't have anywhere else to place points into.

Circle 2

  • Hexen Dropper (Level 5): In my opinion, this is THE reason for going into Corsair C2. This skill is the best burst damage skill in the entire Swordsman tree, considering how fast it deals it's full damage, plus it has Overheat and a 28 seconds cool-down, making it a great skill for DPS PvE builds and PvP in general.
    It is also Pierce-type, which has great synergy with classes like Hoplite, Fencer and even Highlander.
  • Double Weapon Assault (Level 0~5): It allows you to improve auto-attacks by using your off-hand to deal damage too. While it isn't that game changing on it's own, and it requires you to be locked into place to use it, it is still a nice filler in your rotation for when you need to wait for other skills' cool-down.
    If you have no interest in using this skill, you can always leave it at 0 and spend the points elsewhere.
  • Jolly Roger, Iron Hook, Keel Hauling, Dust Devil (Remaining points): Depending on what focus your build has and which skills you prioritize.

Circle 3

  • Hexen Dropper (Level 10)
  • Double Weapon Assault (Level 0~10)
  • Pistol Shot (Level 1~?): It makes no sense for this skill to have such a low damage, such a high cool-down and no additional effects. It is simply terrible. But you can get level 1 or up to whatever you want to get it, since you are already at this circle anyways and on your last rank for the current content.
  • Jolly Roger, Iron Hook, Keel Hauling, Dust Devil (Remaining points): Depending on what focus your build has and which skills you prioritize.

The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Corsair class guide writen by Cathexis

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