Tree of savior Barbarian guide

Tree of savior Barbarian class guide 

Once the most popular class choice for Swordsman builds.
You might be relieved to know that they haven't gone through any significant change, so they are still a perfectly good option for any build.
Barbarian is a little bit similar to Highlander in the notion that this is oriented towards builds that are looking to rush into battle and stay on top of their enemies with fast paced attacks.
However, it differs in the sense that Barbarian focuses more on "hit fast and hit hard", rather than wear down it's enemies through negative effects. They hit so hard, that they also can stun enemies, so it is a great choice for PvE and PvP builds alike.
They also have the advantage of having universal skills. This means that the skills of this class can be used with any weapon, which allows great customization for builds.
Some people like to say that Barbarian skills fall off late game and thus are not a good choice for high level content. This is not true, while the skills of Barbarian are not as powerful as they are early levels, they still provide a big amount of damage with utility, and the additional damage comes from classes added to the build at later ranks. Don't be afraid to pick Barbarian because of this rumor.

Circle 1

  • Helm Chopper (Level 1~5): It hits hard, it hits fast, it hits twice. Oh, and it has a chance to stun plus Overheat. One of the best Strike sources of damage in the Swordsman tree.
  • Cleave (Level 5): This skill doesn't hit twice, but it still deals a good amount of damage and it has Overheat. The main appeal of this skill is the bonus effect that adds to your character, increasing your Critical Rate by 50 for 5 seconds after using it. It is great to use before using a big skill, as it will increase it's chance to land a critical hit.
    Another important effect of this skill is that it will deal 150% additional damage to stunned enemies (250% total damage), so while it remains as a single hit, it is still able to remain relevant through the game because of this effect. Stun can be done through Seism or Helm Chopper.
  • Embowel (Level 0): This skill deals mediocre damage and has a slow animation, plus the effect it adds is not good. Not worth to spend any points into this skill.
  • Stomping Kick (Level 0): Same as Embowel, just that it is conditional (you have to jump to use it) and it still deals mediocre damage.

Circle 2

  • Seism (Level 5): The pride of the Barbarian class. It hits hard, it hits fast and it stuns for 2 seconds plus Overheat. No reason to not max this skill.
  • Cleave (Level 10)
  • Frenzy (Level 0~5): This skill increases your Physical Attack each time you hit an opponent with your normal attacks, stacking in the process up to a maximum amount of stacks depending on the skill level. The drawback is that you will lose all of your stacks if you switch targets.
    However, it has an attribute where you will be able to maintain your stacks even if you hit different targets, but the maximum amount of stacks you can gain will be reduced by half.
    It is a situational skill that works best when dealing with 1 opponent alone (bosses or solo leveling for example).
  • War Cry (Level 0~5): It is an AoE that will lower the defense of opponents around you, while increasing your Physical Attack proportionally. It works best for situations where you face a large amount of opponents (dungeons for example).
  • Helm Chopper (remaining points): The rest of your points will go into this skill.
Usually it is a choice between Frenzy or War Cry, but you can choose to level both up if you are willing to sacrifice damage from Helm Chopper.

Circle 3

  • Seism (Level 10)
  • Cleave (Level 15)
  • Giant Swing (Level 1): This is a pretty fun CC skill. If you land it on your target, you will swing it around 9 times before launching it far away. Mostly a PvP skill to disable someone for a few seconds or zoning them out. The damage scaling isn't that good, so level 1 is more than enough.
  • Pouncing (Level 0~5): While using this skill you will swing your weapon forward while moving (it is a channeling skill), and you will deal damage to anyone it hits. Unfortunately, the animation isn't that fast so it is slightly award to use. I think it has some potential for PvP, but it is unproven for now. Take this at your own risk.
The rest of your points will go into War Cry, Frenzy or Helm Chopper, depending on which ones you decided to prioritize for your build.

The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Barbarian class guide writen by Cathexis

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