Tree of savior Doppelsoeldner class guide

Tree of savior Doppelsoeldner guide 

This class is pretty straight forward: DAMAGE.
The first circle of this class is one of the best in the Swordsman tree when it comes to provide damage, and it can fit into any build. There are two main aspects that make this class one of the best when it comes to dealing damage.
First, it has Cyclone, which is the highest AoE damage dealing skill in the entire Swordsman tree. You spin around, hitting 3 times per second to anything around you and you get to move while using it (with an attribute), but slightly slower than walking. This skill will destroy anything that stays in it.
Second, there is Deeds of Valor. The concept of this skill is that you give up a % of your defense to gain that same % of Physical Attack. As dealing damage in this game is one of the most important aspects when it comes to efficiently dealing damage, then this is a great trade to get, especially for those aiming towards dealing even more DPS.
Now, don't let the reduction of defense discourage you. Losing 50% of your defense does not mean that you will receive 50% extra damage. Because of how defense works in this game, if something hits you 1,500 damage normally, but Deeds of Valor lowers your defense by 150, then that hit will deal 1,650 damage instead. That is only a 10% increased value over the original number, but you get to deal A LOT more damage now and will kill that enemy faster.
Circle 2 of Doppelsoeldner takes a different path though, in the sense that it specializes in Two-Handed Swords as all the new skills available through this circle are locked to that weapon only. Making it a great choice for those who wish to advance further into a damage build, but are not interested in Dragoon or where always interested in using Two-Handed Swords.

Circle 1

  • Cyclone (Level 5): Nothing much to say, just max this skill. For PvP, make sure to use it when your opponent is slowed, under CC, or around terrain where it cannot move freely, otherwise they will be able to outrun you. But if you manage to land this skill on someone, that person is going to die.
  • Deeds of Valor (Level 5): Just a small note on this skill, it will not activate stacks if the hits are either dodged or blocked. You must be hit for it's effect to activate and to gain a stack.
    Finally, by simply activating this skill you will get 1 stack.
  • Mordschlag (Level 1): This skill is used only for the utility of it's CC. It has a casting animation but if you hit your target it will be sent flying through the air.
  • Punish (Level 0~?): It is not very useful, as it has the requirement that the target must be knocked down for you to be able to use this skill. It does have some nice damage, but in my opinion there are better ways to spend these skill points and better options to use when someone is knocked down. I leave the "?" because I think this skill could be unproven, and maybe someone finds it useful in a PvP setting. We will see.
  • Double Pay Earn (Level 1~4): The rest of your points will go into this skill. Basically, while active you will get a number of stacks depending on the skill level. If you kill an enemy while still having at least one stack, you will gain double exp and double rewards from it.
    It is important that only the killing blow counts, so any hit that doesn't kill the enemy will lower your stack count by 1.
    Pretty useful to last hit enemies like bosses, so make sure to time it right.
    You will take double damage while this skill is active, and while it is not something too concerning, do take precaution when using it.

Circle 2

There are two possible ways to build for this circle: Either you want to use a Two-Handed Sword or you don't. If you don't, then you will keep on leveling the Circle 1 skills.
  • Cyclone (Level 10)
  • Zornhau (Level 1): This skill only hits once, and while it hits hard, there are better ways to spend points if you want damage. The main use of this skill is it's utility, which applies Shock effect to the target (reduces SPR/INT).
  • Zucken (Level 5): This skill deals multiple hits to targets in front of you, and it also deals extra damage to enemies under Shock.
  • Redel (Level 1~4): Straight up multi-hit damage, not much to say.
  • Deeds of Valor (Level 5~8~10): Now, Deeds of Valor is an interesting skill to level up at this Circle. It is still as good as ever, and spending more points into it will allow you to increase it's effect and duration.
    Many people say that it is not worth it to level it up because it will take forever to take 10 stacks. But they forget that you will have a 100% up-time on this skill so you are not going to have to keep on regaining them each time and you get 1 stack every time you activate the skill.
    At level 8 you have a 100% up-time, which is the recommended level I suggest to get IF you want to keep on leveling this skill.
    You can take points from Redel to level this instead.
    If you are really interested in getting level 10 of this, then you can take points from Zucken as well.
The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Doppelsoeldner  class guide writen by Cathexis

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