Dragon nest lv 90 Inquisitor Skill build

Dragon nest lv 90 Inquisitor Skill build by jovion at dn sea forum

90 cap is the biggest revamp Dragon Nest has since T3 to T4. A lot of things have changed. You might have seen my old thread and be privy to the discussions inside. Kindly ignore most, if not everything discussed in there. T5 is very much new territory and I rather not confuse newbies and veterans alike. This is also the reason for the new thread, so we can begin on a clean slate (the old discussions are very likely to confuse people).

This skill build maximises all your damage skills and leaves no support skills. This is the best skill build for parties since you usually have a real Healer to do the exact same job that our remaining useful support skills cover, just a heck of a lot better. It leaves us much wanting while soloing, however.

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