Tree of savior Peltasta guide

Tree of savior Peltasta class guide 

Swash Buckling. You might have heard of that skill, and how it is the only active taunt we have in our entire Swordsman tree, not only that but it is also AoE. This makes Peltasta the best class to take for those looking to cover without any problems the role of a "tank" in PvE (as per defined on a previous section), making you a nice addition to any party to clear dungeons or other group content. While it is possible to "tank" without Peltasta, picking it certainly makes things easier.

Now, even though Swash Buckling is the most shiny tool of this class, it is not the only benefit you will acquire. 

The ability to manually block physical attacks with a shield (as well as passively) become invaluable as it is able to block most attacks from bosses and it is extremely useful to negate the attacks of other classes in PvP. 

Peltasta also has the benefit of receiving extra defense and block when using a shield, as well as increasing evasion and health through buffs. Additionally, it also some has a couple decent CC skills. 

Unfortunately, all of these benefits are acquired at Circle 1, which leaves almost nothing left for Circle 2 and Circle 3, as they offer very lackluster skills in comparison. 

The only reason to pick anything more than Circle 1 of Peltasta is to get a higher level of Swash Buckling that, while helpful, isn't necessary at all.

Previously I covered a section with Earth Tower, and how some builds might provide additional tools to help clear it. One of them is Level 10~15 Swash Buckling, but it is possible to clear this content with level 5. 

In my opinion it makes no sense to weaken your build to every other aspect of the game just to be slightly more useful at one particular instance at high level, which will eventually be tuned down or become less of a challenge as more content and levels are added to the game. 

My advice: Do not take anything more than Peltasta C1 unless you know what you are doing. 

Also, many people think that Peltasta is only for people who are planning on using a shield. This is WRONG. This mentality towards playing the game is wrong. By picking Peltasta, you enable yourself to be able to switch between two possible playing styles that suit different situations. If you limit yourself to a linear playing style then you reduce your options to succeed at different challenges. 

The game has a weapon-swap mechanism that allows you to easily switch between one weapon set and another. You can take out your big damage weapon set to fight, but keep a shield with you when you need to face tougher challenges. 

 Peltasta is a class that fits into any build, so don't be discouraged just because their skills require a shield to be used. The benefits are more than worth it.

Circle 1

  • Swash Buckling (Level 5): Your AoE taunt. Make sure to pick up the attribute that gives +25% HP when using this skill.
  • Guardian (Level 1~5): All you need is level 1 to be able to benefit from the attribute this skill gets, which adds +18% Evasion to your character while using this skill. It is a great buff, specially for DEX builds and classes like Fencer. Guardian has an increase to defense and a decrease to physical damage, but these numbers are negligible as they make no difference at all at higher levels. So you can opt into spending more points on this skill to get it to level 5 and get a longer duration of the buff (I personally do this because of comfort).
  • Umbo Blow (Level 4~5): The damage from this skill isn't particularly impressive, but there is nothing left to spend points on. The main use of this skill is for the CC that, with the attribute, has a 25% chance to stun the target.
  • Rim Blow (Level 1~?): This skill is only useful for it's CC. The damage is low, so it is not worth spending more than 1 point into it. If you prefer to stay with Level 1 Guardian, then use the rest of your points into this skill.

Circle 2

  • Swash Buckling (Level 10): The only reason for advancing to Circle 2.
  • Shield Lob (Level 0~1): Pretty useless skill with mediocre damage. You can take level 1 if you want to have an extra skill on your bar.
  • High Guard (Level 5): This skill is often misleading for new players. While it increases block, it is not a significant amount and it won't make any difference in the overall picture of a build at later levels. However, the negative effects do impact highly your character, so this skill is not worth using at all. But if you are already at this Circle, then you have to get the most out of it, so level 5 just because there is nothing much else to get and while under the effect of this skill the damage of Umbo Blow and Rim Blow will increase by a percentage. Do not be fooled, these percentages may seem big but in reality they end up being mediocre damage and you still won't have anything else to deal damage with once you have used them.
  • Umbo Blow, Rim Blow, Guardian (Remaining points): The rest of your points go to these skills, depending on your preference. Make sure to get Level 6 of both Blows to get the benefits of extra damage while under the effect of High Guard.

Circle 3

  • Umbo Thrust (Level 1): This skill has a chance to apply Armor Break (reduce defense to 0) to the target. Level 1 is more than enough to keep it's utility through the rest of your build.
  • Langort (Level 1): A damage skill that has a chance to block attacks while using it. The scaling is terrible, so level 1 is more than enough.
  • Swash Buckling (Level 15): Being at this stage, might as well take it. Just be aware of when you use it, because you might bite more than you can chew with it.
  • Buttlerfly (Level 1~5): Another damage skill which isn't impressive either. Level 1 is enough to have another skill on your rotation. You can level it up as it has decent scaling and cool-down, but you can also opt to use the points elsewhere.
  • High Guard (Level 10): If you decided to take this skill, then make sure to max it to get the most out of it.
The rest of your points go into the skills you consider best for your overall build (mostly depending on what Type of damage other classes in your build will provide).

The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Peltasta class guide writen by Cathexis

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