tree of savior Swordsman class guide

Tree of savior Swordsman class guide 

The base class of our tree. The first circle is mandatory and luckily it is a good one. It provides good skills and attributes that will complement the classes you pick later on. Overall it is advised to not get more than C1 of this class, unless you want to go for a very gimmicky Shinobi build (more explained on that class' section). You will also hear that C2/C3 are for PvP builds, due to Restrain. And while that is true, it is also exaggerated. Choosing C2/C3 is NOT the best way to build for PvP. It has it's pros and cons, just like everything else. Restrain allows you to have another form of CC on your kit, but your build turns into an "all-in" one trick pony. It is very lineal and leaves no room for additional playing styles that you could use by choosing other classes. For example, manually blocking with Peltasta or Highlander allows you to deal easier with opponents who deal physical damage. Not to even mention that your build suffers even more as it loses better tools to help on PvE, not only for leveling but for group content such as dungeons as well.

Circle 1

  • Gung Ho (Level 5): This buff increases your physical attack while lowering your defense. Don't worry too much about the defense reduction as it is barely significant. I recommend leveling this skill up first as it provides the best damage for SP at early levels.
  • Bash (Level 3): Getting level 3 of this skill allows you to acquire the Knockdown attribute, which makes this a realiable CC skill with 3 Overheat.
  • Thrust (Level 0~1): This is skill only useful at level 1 as a reliable source of Pierce damage, but not a good one. If you are a Hoplite or a Fencer, you can skip this skill.
  • Concentrate (Level 5): While Gung Ho remains as a better buff later on, during early levels I recommend leveling the attribute for Concentrate first, as it provides the best damage at the beginning.
  • Pain Barrier (Level 1~?): The main use of this skill is to deal with staggering. Level 1 should be enough on most builds; however, if you want to specialize in PvP then you can take points off from Concentrate and put them into this skill. Your early game PvE will suffer, but you will have a better buff for PvP at higher levels.
Bash and Thrust are not damage skills, so I don't recommend you to level up their attributes to increase their damage as you will soon replace them with better skills from other classes.

Circle 2

  • Restrain (Level 5): The only reason why you are going into this circle. Get it as high as possible as you need the highest possible chance of it's effect activating.
  • Pain Barrier (Level 10): If you decided to take on this circle for PvP, then you will also want to max this skill for a longer duration.
  • Pommel Beat (Level 0~1): It provides you with a Strike skill, so level 1 should be enough.
  • Gung Ho (Level 9~10)
Get the attributes to add more effects to your skills.

Circle 3

  • Restrain (Level 10)
  • Pain Barrier (Level 15)
  • Double Slash (Level 0~5): A decent damage skill that deals more damage to Bleeding targets (from Thrust), which also has a higher chance of landing a critical hit thanks to it's attribute. I recommend getting level 5 of this skill and level up it's damage attribute if it is a source of damage in your build. However, if your build has better damage sources from other classes then I would spend these points into other skills like Gung Ho or Concentrate.
The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Swordsman class guide writen by Cathexis

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