Tree of savior Highlander class guide

Tree of savior Highlander guide 

For now we are still waiting on confirmation on whether or not we will get the changes to Sky Liner. As soon as this is confirmed I will add the necessary changes to this section, as well as the possible builds emanating from it.
Regardless of whether the changes to Sky Liner actually go through or not, there are a few aspect that make this class interesting for a build. A Highlander prides itself on the ability to apply negative status to enemies, including Shock, Bleeding, Armor Break, Staggered, etc. While people usually link this class with the word "DPS" for builds, it is not entirely accurate. It does have more damage than it's counterpart, Peltasta, at Rank 2. However, in the overall picture of a build, Highlander brings more combat-effectiveness rather than straight up damage, which are often more useful as they provide different playing styles to use against different opponents; something valuable in an environment like PvP. Highlander is a good class to choose for people who like to rush straight into battle for fast-paced combat, staying on top of enemies and not letting them breath. Keep in mind that choosing Highlander over Peltasta will mean that you won't have Swash Buckling, the AoE taunt skill of the Swordsman tree, and might have an impact when you do PvE content with other players. While it is more laborious to perform the job as a "tank", it is not impossible, you just need a comprehensive party.

Circle 1

The first circle ins't particularly impressive, as most of the class' potential comes at later circles. The main benefit it gives is the ability to use Two-Handed Swords and the ability to block incoming attacks with them. Skills
  • Wagon Wheel (Level 1): This skill remains as a CC source rather than damage, so level 1 is more than enough to fulfill it's role.
  • Cartar Stroke (Level 0~5): This skill isn't as strong as it was on the past. If you plan on taking a class with reliable Strike damage (like Barbarian, Cataphract, Rodelero, etc), then I would suggest skipping this entirely or getting level 1 for the CC effect, but it is not necessary. For a PvP build, I would also recommend skipping this skill to better spend those points elsewhere.
  • Cross Guard (Level 1~5): This is a pretty great and sometimes overlooked skill. It has nice scaling and I would recommend getting Level 5 of it regardless of what build you are planning to end up using. However, at least get level 1 if you would rather spend points on the damage skills of the next circles. While it requires to use a Two-Handed Sword to block, it can still be used with other weapons such as Rapier or Spear by using weapon-swapping. This way you can take advantage of the Staggering effect, which makes opponents vulnerable to Pierce-type attacks (Hoplite, Fencer, Dragoon, etc).
  • Crown (Level 5): This is skill is often overlooked because of the lack of details as to how much INT/SPR the Shock effect reduces. To this day, there is still no clear formula for it, but it can go as far as to potentially reducing the INT/SPR values to 1, extremely weakening any magic user. While this skill doesn't scale up that well in terms of damage, adding more skill points to it significantly increases the duration of the Shock effect and with a cool-down of 30 seconds, then the up-time becomes an important aspect of it. Definitely pick this skill if you are planning on using a PvP build, and also if you plan on picking Doppelsoeldner C2 later on your build.

Circle 2

The skill distribution for Circle 2 and Circle 3 is heavily dependent of the changes to Sky Liner. Once there is a confirmation, this section might change.
  • Moulinet (Level 0~5): If Sky Liner remains as a 0 CD skill, then I would just skip this skill and spend points elsewhere. Otherwise, I would get level 1 to have an additional damage skill. This skill doesn't particularly scale that well into later levels in terms of damage, it is the reason why I prefer to leave it at level 1, sacrificing some damage at early levels to end up with a better skill set at later levels, as Moulinet will get replaced by stronger damage skills, while the points you spend on other utility skills from Highlander will remain as effective.
  • Sky Liner (Level 5): Regardless of what cool-down this skill ends up with, it still deals some significant damage to Bleeding enemies and the damage can be increased by other modifiers, like the Attribute, even if it doesn't particularly scale that well by itself.
  • Cross Cut (Level 1~5): This skill will remain mostly as an enabler for Sky Liner or other skills that rely on the Bleeding effect of it, so level 1 is enough to get the most out of it. You could spend more points on it to increase it's damage, but same as other skills, it doesn't particularly scale that well and it will be replaced by other damage skills at later ranks, so while it provides some decent damage at early levels, in my opinion it is not worth to spend more points in this skill to end up with a stronger build at higher levels.
  • Crown& Cross Guard (Remaining points): All your remaining points should go into these two skills. If you follow my advice for later levels, then it means you will get both to level 10.

Circle 3

  • Skull Swing (Level 1~5): This skill applies Armor Break (reduces defense to 0), which makes it a great utility skill. While it's damage scales off decently, I would simply keep this skill at level 1 as you will soon get more damage skills from other classes. The Armor Break effect lasts for 10 seconds at level 1, and goes up to 30 seconds at level 5. You might want to consider spending more points on it for the extra duration, useful for longer fights (like bosses) and to keep a higher up-time on it. Each additional level increases the duration by 5 seconds, so you can decide how many points you want to spend on this skill.
  • Vertical Slash (Level 0~5): Another skill based around dealing damage, and like Sky Liner it also deals extra damage to targets. If Sky Liner remains at 0 cool-down, I would simply skip this skill. Otherwise I would get at least level 1 of it, and consider spending more points depending on how valuable this skill is as a damage source in the overall build (whether or not it gets replaced by other skills from other classes on the build).
  • Crown, Cross Guard, Moulinet, Sky Liner, Cross Cut (Remaining points): The rest of your points will go into any of these skills, depending on how valuable they are to your overall build and playing style.
As a last note on Highlander. If you are planning on using a pure PvE build, then I would recommend for you to focus on the damage skills rather than the utility ones, following the advice I put on each one of them. As the utility skills are not as impactful on PvE as they are for PvP.

The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Highlander class guide writen by Cathexis

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