Seven knights Black Rose guide

Our beautiful Black Rose is a spy from another world collecting information about us. While she is looking for a way to return home, she has joined the Shadow Clan and is now one of the top clam members. Be careful not to step in her way, she will stop at nothing to carry out her mission.

Black rose is offensive type hero , she is very good in arena becaou her passive skill , piercing attack and decrease buff duration

Seven knights Black Rose skill guide

passive skills : secret Garden

1. Can't be targeted/countered for 3 turns.
2. Reduces AOE-Dmg by 50% while hiding
3. Immune to all kind of damage for 3 hits. ( ignore armor & piercing attack)

Skill 1 : Infiltrate

1. Target 2 enemies with 160% physical damage, piercing attack

Skill 1 : Fallen rose

1. Target 3 enemies with 130% physical damage
2. Decrease bufff duration for 2 turns
3. bleed target  with 200% physical attack for 2 turn

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