Tree of savior Rodelero class guide

Tree of savior Rodelero guide

Remember when I said that some classes still need to be updated? Well, Rodelero is one of them.
The theme this class follows is the use of a shield to deal damage and apply constant CC to opponents through it's skills.
Unfortunately, most of the CC this skills are underwhelming and there simply is no damage when choosing this class, which makes it a pain to level it up at higher levels, as well as deal any significant damage on PvP.
This class is also known for the Slithering skill, which can block magical attacks while it is used. However, it is important to note that you can still get CC'ed through Slithering, it only block damage but not any negative effects that could have an effect on you.
While being able to block magic is something appealing, there is barely any use for it in PvE, as every other Swordsman build can get away without it. And for PvP it will block damage, but it is still inconvenient since it won't stop CC.
There is also the misconception that this is a "tank" class.
It is not.
Besides Slithering, there is nothing in the kit of this class that makes it a "tank". So be aware of these negative aspects to the class before choosing it.
If there would be any reason to pick Rodelero it is for Slithering and to work on an structured PvP environment. Unfortunately, there is no such PvP mode at the moment, which puts this class on an even more awkward place.
The advice would be to stay away from this class until it gets some buffs or it is reworked. But if you still insist on picking this class then just go for Circle 2 to get Slithering.
Circle 3 adds nothing but bad damage to the build, and there are better options to take (like Fencer) at Rank 6 instead of another circle of Rodelero. This damage was previously "decent" with a level 200 cap, but now that there are more levels and tougher mobs to deal with, Rodelero falls short when it comes to dealing with them.
Rodelero skills are mostly focused around single target or very low AoE Ratio, so they have a difficult time dealing with medium~big groups of enemies in PvE.
What about that popular kTOS Swordsman->Peltasta C2->Rodelero C2->Fencer build?
Sure, it exists. And it also existed during the time when Rodelero skills were bugged and could be exploited in a way to have 0 cool-down.
That has been fixed now, and this build doesn't particularly do anything that other Swordsman builds cannot do.

Circle 1

  • Targe Smash (Level 5): This will be your main source of damage as a Rodelero, since it has some decent damage scaling and Overheat. It also has a chance to cause Blind, which makes targets unable to attack for 3 seconds.
    Duration is lower on bosses.
  • Montano (Level 5): Your second damage skill. It applies a 1 second stun and a slow after using it. 
    It doesn't work on bosses.
  • Shield Charge (Level 1): You move with your shield in front and knock back anyone you touch with it. For PvE it is a pretty useless skill, but it has some decent uses for disrupting in PvP. It doesn't deal any good damage, so all you need is level 1 for the utility.
    It doesn't work on bosses.
  • Shield Push (Level 0~?): Applies the Unbalanced status on the target for 5 seconds, which is a small interrupt and decreases defense (not by a significant amount). The problem is that, to make this skill effect, it requires A LOT of skill points, which simply there isn't enough considering the other skills that must be leveled up. I could see a build that focuses instead on pure debuffs and forsakes the damage, but that would be slow and painful to level up.
    It doesn't work on bosses.
  • Shield Shoving (Level 1): Same as previous skills, only level 1 for the utility, which is a small interrupt and inability to use attacks for 1.5 seconds.
    It doesn't work on bosses.

Circle 2

  • Targe Smash (Level 10)
  • Slithering (Level 1): The main reason for taking Rodelero. Level 1 is more than enough, as adding more skill levels does nothing for it's effect or duration, all it does is increase damage, which has poor scaling. 
    Remember that it blocks magic but it doesn't block CC effects.
    This is a channeling skill, and you can move while using it, albeit slower than you normally could without using it.
    It now also has an attribute that will make targets more vulnerable to Strike damage, so while it still doesn't change the nature of the class, it helps a little more with damage using it with Targe Smash.
  • Shield Bash (Level 1~5): There is still an unsure formula as to how this skill works. But basically, it will mix the amount of stats a character has around (switch the numbers around). On builds that focus on a particular stat and have a very high number of it, it will move the numbers one place to the right (ignoring CON).
    Take level 1 for the utility, and add more levels if you are aiming for a PvP build.
    It is unpredictable how this skill will work without knowing the stat allocation of your target, so on PvE it could even make the mob you are facing stronger.
    As far as I know, it doesn't work on bosses either.
  • Montano (Remaining points)

Circle 3

  • Shooting Star (Level 5): This is just a damage skill, and a bad one. But at this point anything you can get will help, so max this one.
  • High Kick (Level 1): It only hits once, but the main use of it is the debuff it will apply, which will make the target more vulnerable to Strike damage (Targe Smash). It is possible to add more levels to it, but I don't recommend it, as those points are better spent on other skills.
  • Montano, Targe Smash, Shield Bash (Remaining points): Depending on which skills you are giving priority to.

The contents of this guide serve as a reference for players looking to build a Swordsman character, tree of savior Rodelero class guide writen by Cathexis

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