Blade and soul Gems and stat upgrades guide

Blade and soul Gems and stat upgrades guide orinal article writen by paci at blade and soul beside you can upgrade stat on your equipment using these 2 ways -Gem -Fusion

blade and soul gem guide

you can buy a gem from auction house, Transmute interface or crafting . here the best gems you can use in blade & soul :
  • Diamond - Additional Attack
  • Ruby - Heroic grade with Damage/Attack modifier; triggers on attack
  • Amethyst - Heroic grade, Lifesteal on critical hit
  • Sapphire - Additional Attack/Damage on enemy block or evade
  • Citrine/Topaz - Additional Attack/Damage when enemy is stunned or knocked down
  • Aquamarine (not sure what they are called on NA/EU, but on other servers Aquamarines are gems acquired through events) - Additional Attack/Damage, Lifesteal on critical hit, 10% chi/focus recovery upon taking damage
afterwards , all of this gem can have a special procs that accompanies , examle :  lifesteal, crit two times, etc . this kind of gem very-very rare but very useful becoue they very strong lEfQ40huUsMlEcBzfKaTYckN6odSpTMmA-Ld97ao

blade and soul fusion

Fusion is a way for you to upgrade your Soul Shields. I touched on this a bit in my Soul Shield section of this guide, but here I will explain and show you how fusion works.
ss (2016-01-21 at 05.32.25).jpg
Fusion works through the upgrade interface which allows you to use stats from other Soul Shields to your main Soul Shield set. This process is RNG and you will not always get the maximum amount of crit, so you have to be sure to collect multiple fusion pieces and keep at it until you get the number you want. I would suggest that you only do this on perfect pieces so that you do not lose too much on a “fodder” piece, but you can still go ahead and upgrade your “fodder” pieces if they have got a critical stat on it (just do not spam fusion for the perfect number as you will be replacing the piece later, only do it once) To fuse pieces together, there are required ingredients. In the screenshot above, you see that the necessary ingredient to fuse the two is Fusion Powder. Fusion Powder is obtained through breaking down Soul Shields.

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