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Table of Contents:
I. Terminology and Abbreviations
II. Class Roles
III. Mini Bosses/Mechanics
IV. Main Bosses/Mechanics
V. Drops/Loot
I. Terminology and Abbreviations
  • AoE - Area Of Effect. An area in that damage is dealt.
  • CC - Crowd Control. Some sort of phrase accustomed to determine a power that could quickly place a person in a very downed express or a express during which they will can't seem to combat.
  • DoT - Damage Over Time. An ability that is used that causes damage over time (ex. bleeding)
  • DPS - Damage Per Second.
  • iframe - Invincibility/Invulnerability Frame. An ability use which makes you invulnerable to attack(s).
II. Class Roles:
In this section I will break down each class's role in this dungeon. It is important that you understand your classes skills and different specs you can change to in order to aid your party. I will point out various important skills but it is ultimately up to you to understand your class to unlock its full potential.
  • Assassin - Melee DPS class. It is known that Assassins bring the highest single target DPS when played correctly. Has a fair amount of CC to help with boss mechanics and also brings party utility with their Smokescreen (vgou1Q3Eo9-O71eC-NYxw3GrBO9W8QgeRaspa7l4).
  • Blade Master - I’d classify Blade Masters as the primary tank of the game, simply for their spammable Block (KbaTdHsUVBWisOrQtx4l6xO0BL0dnzo-W4J9qG66), their ability to hold aggro through DPS, high amount of evasive maneuvers, and invincibility frames. Blade Masters can easily carry out many of the mechanics of this dungeon with their CC and party utility, with the proper knowledge of course.
  • Destroyer - Melee DPS class. When the player has their animation cancelling down, this class can bring the hurt as well as has a great skill set to help disable bosses with their array of CC and their grab ability, Seize (0Bp876vZqLNFI8AId7uYSr98Z9aff45okRjX2iUS)! Force Master - Ranged DPS class. Does great single target and AoE DPS. Although they lack in the CC department, they can bring party utility with their Ice Flower (BEaTluTPPOFnrVNYmR0XLuxqzDmhUuH-xlNyTzMO) which freezes nearby party members when attacked and Barrier (XgWotqhEB1aCf6_1b5mrIyzaMviUmmeeAAkzxeK-) that protects their party from ranged attacks!
  • Kung-Fu Master  - Another great tank class! They also have a spammable Counter (dLPXOKD0wWe7lO3AIKJiDvbJhSHCaqJYFcRWpnKA) and variety of CC to control the boss with. With their Suppress (hVq12p9ap1DCAVKdkFoapGFEw0nnEaESRr686IZf), they can buy their party time to fit in a fair amount of damage.
  • Summoner - Ranged DPS class. Summoners also offer a great variety of party utility, CC, and debuffs to apply to bosses to increase or speed up DPS. Summoners also come with a cat familiar that can act as a tank with their Curl (XJ8MDsnvRu7uws0vDyLU7vBSJdqinYjpY_q4tWfI) for main bosses or to hold aggro on mobs. The cat also has the ability to grapple with Press (VayI6OxNjkGgW4xe9o3EqlIOU08J8Zy-he3QZpah), which can buy their party time to DPS freely.
  • Blade Dancer (Lyn Blade Master) - Melee DPS class. With the correct gear and chi management, can output a fair amount of damage and with their CC and Phantom Grip (cMxgNc94xKVy8MJ-yfXMP-DkvjtA2N5G7AUtVJBR) can buy time for their party members to fit in DPS.
III. Mini Bosses/Mechanics
At the start of the dungeon, to avoid the crowd of mobs, it is advised that you have learned the skill Wall Run to run to the top of the first pillar and glide across the trail to the first boss. There are various pillars along the way that you are able to run to the top off to drop aggro from mobs if you mess up. If by any chance you or any other party members are put into combat, you must clear the mobs to drop combat stance. You cannot access the first boss unless you are out of combat!
Throughout the rest of the dungeon you will need to avoid mobs and sprint past them in order to save time.
Mini Boss(es) #1:
After you defeat Gatekeeper Slashimi and glide past the gaps in the map, you will be placed in a locked area that can only be unlocked after you have defeated the 3 Foreman on the floor. You can defeat them as a group or send members to each boss to defeat them to save time. Once they have all been defeated, the gate will open which will lead you to the second mini boss/mini room.
Mini Boss(es) #2: You will come across a room of tables with a mini boss and his minions. Just defeat the mobs and the boss to clear the room. After this you will lead to the second main boss.
IV. Main Bosses/Mechanics
Boss #1: Gatekeeper Slashimi For this boss you will see the main boss (which is displayed in red) with two mobs to the side of him. Idealy you would want to have someone tanking the two mobs while the rest of the party rushes to DPS Gatekeeper Slashimi before its enrage timer.
To deal with the mobs, I would suggest that you bring along a Summoner to use their cat’s Curl (XJ8MDsnvRu7uws0vDyLU7vBSJdqinYjpY_q4tWfI) ability to hold the mobs since the Summoner can also DPS the main boss while doing this. Any other tank class can deal with the mobs as well, however you will lose DPS on the main boss while they deal with them.
Gatekeeper Slashimi has two phases. Phase one are basic attacks and phase two will be a phase in which you cannot attack him and will have to deal with various mechanics in order to survive and then disable him so you are able to continue doing DPS before his enrage timer.
Phase 1:
  • Thrust: Will thrust at whoever has aggro. *Boss can be CC’d to stop this attack
  • Cleave: Will cleave in front of him in a small AoE, which will hit anyone within the area.
  • Sword Thrust: Will thrust his sword in front of him twice, the second attack will knock back the target.
After Phase 1 is over, Gatekeeper Slashimi will dive under water. As he dives, he will deal damage in an AoE to anyone in range.
Phase 2:
  • Water Missile: The boss will shoot 4 projectiles rapidly, dealing damage to whoever gets hit. In order to avoid taking damage you will need to use whatever ability you have to protect yourself from these missiles (block, iframe, etc). I would suggest bringing along a Summoner (713GV_1dQ0aTlrsz1eEIm84h7Ja7BMdjJNO7s2Q2), a Blade Master (9xGoOFZZOzOfP_uJuduApk4kYlvC6z7WXsForxZZ), an Assassin (vgou1Q3Eo9-O71eC-NYxw3GrBO9W8QgeRaspa7l4), or a Force Master (UAHjJkxaqH4IIvrR8Xtsl8WUFEVIPq__JQtL1MNg) for their abilities that help to protect party members from projectiles.
  • Water Boil: The water on the field will come to a boil which will deal heavy damage to everyone in 3 attacks. To avoid this, use and time your own invincibility frames to dodge the 3 attacks. Having a Force Master in the group to help freeze you with their Ice Flower (SFmYEJ1yKz4rksE3zNNBSN_lFYMd2geKVTKXFKEv) during this phase will save your need to use your own invincibility frames.
  • Charge: After the above two mechanics are over, Gatekeeper Slashimi will dive under the water and then charge at whoever has aggro, knocking them up and dealing a great amount of damage to anyone in his path. In order to stop the charge, someone in your party must counter this attack. Every class has the ability to do this with their own counter skill, and the person with aggro is not the one who has to do this. As long as the person countering is in line with the charge, they can disable Gatekeeper Slashimi. Please do not hide behind the Blade Master and Kung-Fu Master and hope for the best! In any dungeon it is suggested that you take care of the mechanics as the only person you can truly rely on is yourself, so it is important that you are aware of your own counter ability and at what time you need to use it.
Some counter abilities are:
  • Assassin’s Decoy (Yvzv9PrnO4oLgS9KNFcLkbpnu_97ILSlxdx9AUIU)
  • Blade Master’s Block (KbaTdHsUVBWisOrQtx4l6xO0BL0dnzo-W4J9qG66)
  • Destroyer’s Iron Wall (kKCXMhugKXSRX-5Mgo3Hs_KZcH97N7piFzHxAdp9)
  • Force Master’s Explosion (xBPKt1xyxQtqEI7BCMC8PWgDPHzbO4CpFi0zE_J5) *only when spec’d to tier 3, branch/form 2 and I would not suggest relying on the Force Master to counter the charge as it takes too many skill points to spec and those skill points can be used in other things that are much more valuable
  • Kung-Fu Master’s Counter (dLPXOKD0wWe7lO3AIKJiDvbJhSHCaqJYFcRWpnKA)
  • Summoner’s Dandelion Seed (-DmQAUo-DbOvpk8Sv2dMtgOTq3c2hKraKX20YNJ0)
  • Blade Dancer/Lyn Blade Master’s Vortex (HIduCX_lKUGMWGV2damEu1yTxYbH24xsOvME_fuw) *when spec’d/talented
After Gatekeeper Slashimi has been countered, Gatekeeper Slashimi will be downed and someone in your party can Grapple (hVq12p9ap1DCAVKdkFoapGFEw0nnEaESRr686IZfVayI6OxNjkGgW4xe9o3EqlIOU08J8Zy-he3QZpah) or Grab (0Bp876vZqLNFI8AId7uYSr98Z9aff45okRjX2iUScMxgNc94xKVy8MJ-yfXMP-DkvjtA2N5G7AUtVJBR) him to buy time for damage.
The phase sequence of this fight goes as follows: Phase 1 > Phase 2 > Phase 1 > Phase 2 > Phase 1 > Phase 2 > Phase 1 > Enrage!
When he enrages, he will be stuck in the Water Boil form of Phase 2 until the entire party wipes. Essentially you have 3 FULL phase cycles to kill him before the entire party wipes. It is a DPS race! Once you have defeated Gatekeeper Slashimi, if you have not already taken care of the mobs, remember that you must kill them in order to drop your combat stance and progress through the rest of the dungeon!
Boss #2: Chef Tae Jangum
Just like the last boss, this boss has two phases and cycles through Assassin animations. After 5 cycles, the enrage will wipe the party.
Phase 1:
  • Lotus Dance: Will strike the person with aggro 5 times. The 5th hit will knock down its target. *The boss can be CC’d in order to stop this mechanic. **Ranged DPS must stay at least 10 meters away from the boss in order to not drag the Lotus Dance
  • Shadow Slash: If Lotus Dance is fully casted and the target is knocked down, she will use Shadow Slash which extends the knock down duration by 3 seconds and applies a slow.
  • Poison: She will blow poison in a cone and anyone in the area will acquire one stack of poison.
  • Decoy: Will cast Decoy (which is the same animation as any other Assassin decoy). If she is attacked during this animation, she will be put into stealth and will teleport to the back of who attacked her. To avoid this, you can disable her with a block break ability. You can also have the Blade Dancer/Lyn Blade Master, Summoner, or Destroyer in your group disable her with their grab or seize. (or you can simply wait it out). *If you choose to block break her, please be sure you are stacking the same block break result, whether it be stun (u6_DVPF3fPIgJMxWoCtP3TtORr2WSma8luO9i_HdRPkYeMw50AgoJnVqpvGm4l1s2rr9HcNYo67tik95KjKu4mmgZ4yViN-WpwHKwtPJk86Od2G8vKPpAbp9) or knock down (th7eBgQUHJvNYVxBL-voQc3eK23ym9pOKDfMZtms). After she has been double CC’d using your block break abilities, she will be downed and following this can be Grappled (hVq12p9ap1DCAVKdkFoapGFEw0nnEaESRr686IZfVayI6OxNjkGgW4xe9o3EqlIOU08J8Zy-he3QZpah) or Grabbed (0Bp876vZqLNFI8AId7uYSr98Z9aff45okRjX2iUScMxgNc94xKVy8MJ-yfXMP-DkvjtA2N5G7AUtVJBR) to do free DPS.
  • Backstab: If Decoy has been successfully casted and she has gone in stealth, she will Backstab the person she teleports behind which deals damage and stuns the person.
  • Cutthroat: If the person who has been Backstabbed does not break out of the stun (IyrhDMGs3p1HWUpPsx-BRglSYuBkJz3PtT35Zugt002lfYkssH9T9KZFJcDUxCKS35s2Rns2Bbf3W5x3wh32cNjtFAB3Lioxkuz8lJisPnQLVQO91imonOJSPMHpgx_N7nZeyOusli307WRNdXNuG3F8MrIcJICpRymcV8aiOOrSqtwUmCi8uYE3ilo2Sp1bcJqbsaXTsTTQAWds6-Dmt7m6lAvlmm65qKoBzlYImuCoE3dn), she will cast Cutthroat to deal damage to them.
All of these abilities deal a great amount of damage so it is suggested that you learn the animations and how to avoid or cancel them in order to not take damage! Remember, this game has no designated healers so it is up to you to not lose health.
Phase 2:
  • Backstep: She will tumble backwards and place a flashbang in the area. *You can iframe this to not be blinded
  • Bomb: She will set a bomb that will detonate after 5 seconds of being placed. This bomb is placed onto whomever is closest or furthest from the boss. *If you are being targeted with the bomb, please stay away from the rest of your party and use your own iframe to avoid the damage. This bomb has a big AoE range and will damage the rest of your party members if they are within the area
  • Minefield: A line of poison mines are placed on the left or right column of the boss room. *You want to be sure that you finish this fight as fast as possible as the mines will continue to form and make it difficult for your party to move freely among the boss room. After the 5th column of mines, she will enrage and wipe the party
After Phase 2 is complete, a destroyer mob will be summoned into the room. One person must deal with the mob in order to focus damage on the main boss. I suggest letting the Summoner or Force Master kite the mob while they deal damage to the main boss.
  Tip! This boss has a high regeneration rate so be sure you are stacking debuffs and DoTs in order to keep up with DPS.  
Boss #3: Barak's Officer Mak Sobo
Again, there are phases to this boss. This boss is also similar to the last boss in which its animations are similar to a specific class, this time a Force Master. This boss applies ember as well as consumes the ember to deal additional damage. It is your job to avoid the attacks to not take ember or to not have them consumed. After a certain percentage he spawns a mob, so be sure to assign someone to kite/take care of him while the rest of the party focuses DPS on Mak.
Phase 1:
  • Shockwave: Shockwaves in a straight line, consuming ember stacks to deal additional damage.
  • Conflagration: Places a field of fire under him that will detonate after 3 seconds, knocking down anyone caught inside . Will stack 1 Ember on those hit.
  • Blaze Palm: Gathers chi into his hands and then releases a fireball that deals damage and knocks the target back and downs them. Will consume ember to deal additional damage.
  • Flame Trail: Deals a line of fire damage.
Phase 2:
  • Diffusion of Ember: Boss will throw a flame that hits a target and then 4 targets around that deals no damage but will stack ember.
  • Flame Circle: Will place a field of fire under the person with aggro that will detonate after 3 seconds to deal heavy damage to anyone caught inside. Will consume ember stacks for additional damage and explodes twice.
Boss #4: Vice Admiral Poharan
Congratulations! You have made it through the sequence of bosses and mini-bosses and have now met with the final boss, Poharan. Again, this boss acts in phases but instead of 2, there are 4.
Phase 1:
  • Jump Shot: Poh will jump into the air and unleash a fire of bullets. Anyone caught in fire will he placed in groggy/daze status. *Cannot be defended against with counters
  • Frontal Shot: Poh will slide back and then unleash a flurry of bullets within a cone in front of her. Anyone hit by this attack will be placed in groggy/daze status.
  • Knock Up: Poh will strike her target upward, knocking them into the air. *Can be defended against with counters or iframes
  • Aerial Shot: If she has successfully knocked a target into the air, she will unload her gatling gun onto that target, dealing a significant amount of damage. *Can be CC’d to stop attack
  • Back Dash: After a successful knock up and aerial combo or a failed knock up, she will dash back and unleash an AoE bullets.
  • Grenades: Poh launches 4 grenades in a small area, leaving a small fire puddle for several seconds. *Triggers if the target is too far from her. To avoid, try staying within 10 meters!
  • Multi Fire Grenades: Targets a party member and shoots 4 grenades simultaneously.
Phase 2: As Poh enters Phase 2, she will jump into the middle of the boss room and places a fire mine on the floor. At this point you will need to prepare for her Fire Mine attack.
  • Fire Mine: Releases a series of fire attacks that pulse from her and then return. It is your job to iframe (YOxPkAMJnVyLNdZcCmCU3eie6yG06yxQZcWYh7E3aWpzGfxFJ0ZKBXlQie2aq1ZtdUkq3dL2Og9y1X0CJU--4P_FN9FoOtu5tNX-1lCmc9jT1x-b3o9wWEj-lCAkl9Bbx0KOgxVm5ijHEyHqBvVrA-xe7Q74QDLgAuZPTLvLu4r1ciV5jB1dkDevOeogJlYf_vEpuyxn) this attack. If you are hit, deals damage and knocks down. *Hits twice!
Phase 3:
As Poh moves into phase 3, she will jump and land in the center of the boss room and pull out a mine. At this point you will need to prepare for her Ice Mine attack!
  • Ice Mine: Poh sets up an Ice Mine which will root near by party members after 5 seconds. An alert will appear across the screen, indicating the vents have reached their maximum pressure. Once the mine detonates across the entire field, the blow will freeze all party members within the attack. To avoid this you must pull the lever which is located at either side of the boss room to release the pressure from the vents, releasing heat and protecting you from the freeze status.
  • Grenades
  • Charge: After the Ice Mine has been detonated, Poh will charge at the closest enemy and follow through with her Aerial Shot. *Can be iframed to avoid knock up, and can be CC’d out of Aerial Shot
Phase 4:
  • Pets: Poh will spawn her pet tigers. Whoever has aggro from Poh once this phase starts will also have aggro of the pets.
  • Ice Mine
  • Grenades
  • Fire Mine
  • Charge
Additional Mechanics + Tips:
  • During the Ice Mine phase, to avoid being frozen there are vents around the outside of the boss room and on each side of the boss room there is a lever that can be pulled in order to release heat. Be sure you pull this lever at the correct time, as the heat being released is only for a short amount of time!
  • Poh will spawn two tigers that will dash to whoever has aggro from when Poh called them. I suggest you pull the two tigers away from Poh and hold them in place. Designate one person in the party to deal with the mobs, just like you did during the first boss. Again, I suggest bringing a Summoner along so that their cat can hold the tigers with Curl (XJ8MDsnvRu7uws0vDyLU7vBSJdqinYjpY_q4tWfI) while still being able to do damage to Poh. In order to ensure that the Summoner will have aggro of Poh’s pets, be sure to use Curl (XJ8MDsnvRu7uws0vDyLU7vBSJdqinYjpY_q4tWfI) as she summons them, then call your cat away from the rest of the party to lure them away. It is important that you keep the mobs away from the tank, as the attacks from these two tigers cause disruptions that can mess up the flow of the fight
  • After the first Ice Mine she will jump into the air and shoot bullets at a random person which will put them in daze/groggy status (can be countered/defended against). Every Ice Mine after that will be followed up with a Fire Mine.
The phase sequence of this fight goes as follows:
Phase 1 > Phase 2 > Phase 1 > Phase 2 > Phase 1 > Phase 3 > Phase 1 > Phase 4 > Phase 1 > Phase 4 > Phase 1 > Phase 4 > Phase 1 > Enrage!
V. Drops/Loot
Possible drops throughout the dungeon are:
Outfit Items:
  • Pirate Shogun
  • Powaran’s Eyepatch
  • Villainess Wig
  • Cat Soldier
  • Villainess Weapon
  • Serpent Bopae
  • Villainess Ring
  • Villainess Earring
  • Villainess Necklace
  • Villainess Belt
  • Powaran Perfume

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