Blade & Soul Force Master Guide

Blade & Soul Force Master Guide written by WuBi,  Force Master magic dps class that using ranged attack . dont follow this guide blindly use this guide only for reference. It covers some basic understanding needed to deal better damage and how to use the right skills at the right moments.


Force master is actually the “magician” of Blade & Soul Online. Force Master is the one of the long range class and almost all of their skills need users to target the enemy. every class have  pros and cons and for this class and it is you  to know the basics in order for you to be good in it. Force master using fire & ice , yep it's two common elemen in game. Fire skills are mostly for attacking  skills and  ice is used for control/defence.

Ember/Ice Stack (On enemy)

When you deal damage to a target with fire skills, you are able to stack up ember and likely to gain fire orb – likewise with ice skills and ice orb. The maximum number of ember stack is 5 and the ember can be used to cause additional explosive damage to the target. force master ember Once you have reached 5 ember stacks, you can detonate them manually to generates more damage. The faster you stack up these ember, the more explosion you can trigger (you can do it either manually or automatically). Ice stacking is mainly used for freezing. It is good for pvp or non-boss monsters. There isn’t much extra damage you can deal with it. Manual Detonation Use Shockwave (1) Automatic Detonation Use Flame Palm (LB) 4-1, Heat Wave (F)

Fire/Ice Orb (炎玉/冰玉)

The fire/ice orb can only be generated only if you specs some skills to gain them.  The orbs can be stacked for up to a max of 3; each stack has a different % of buff given. (To know which skills have them, all you need to do is find these words 生成1个火玉/冰玉) fire and ice sphere Once you have stacked up to 3 orbs, you will be able to cast Flame/Frost Dragon Blast (F). If you stacked both 3 fire and 3 ice orbs as shown in the above picture, you will be able to use Twin Dragon Blast (F) which is a mixture of both fire and ice element. Fire Orb 3 stack: When hit by enemies, deal extra 10% damage to the enemies that hit you and increase ember by 1 Ice Orb 3 stack: When hit by enemies, they will receive ice damage (冰伤) and you recover 3 MP It is good to get used to stacking  3 of both orbs because Warlock Spiritualism buff will awaken Twin Dragon Blast. Only 1 Fire and Ice orb is consumed when castingAwakened Twin Dragon Blast. Awaken Twin Dragon Blast

Flame/Frost Stance

Flame Stance 火系 – When you are critically hit by enemy, the following attack to that enemy will increase 1 ember stack. Frost Stance 冰系 – Randomly freeze opponents. (Only apply to those which can be frozen, not applicable to boss. Easily seen in pvp arena.) Force master’s skills are very straight forward and once you understand the above, all you need to do is balance up how you want to play your character. Either you push up ember stack, gather orbs or allocate enough points to do both.

Blade & Soul Force Master Ember Stack Combo

If you look at Blaze Palm (X) skill, there is an additional description below the damage. blaze palm Blaze Palm creates a 9 seconds Burn effect (灼伤) on the target. This burn deals certain amount of damage to opponents over time and even allows another 3 fire skills, namely Flame Palm (LB) 4-2, Pyroblast (2) 3-2 and Meteor Shower (V) 3-2, to stack 2 embers each time they are used. During the 9 seconds Burn effect, it is advisable to spam the 3 skills because it increases fire stack easily which will cause more explosion to your opponents. flame palmmeteor showerpyroblast

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