seven knights ruby farming guide

seven knights ruby farming guide by Joshua Lee
Okay, for those that don't know what/how to START Ruby farm.
It's basically using your low tier characters to reach max level, which you will be rewarded 5 rubies (via mailbox) the FIRST time you level up a character to 30 (its only 2 rubies after maxing the same kind of unit before).
When you gain useless units (1*/2*/3* or low tier) do not sacrifice them right away, level them to 30/max to gain extra rubies.
(It took me a while to guess it out, since im a beginner still and there's actually no basic information on what/how to ruby farm.)
Edit: You only get 2* rubies after having to max the same kind of unit twice or more. (Prologue Credit By Jovante M. Williams )

Is that possible farming 70-120++ ruby per day? (Pure grinding dungeon) ill make it happen to u.
Here the answer :
Team (A) Duo Hellen and Spike/Jeiv (for starter player) :
1.U need +5 hellen and +5 spike/Jeiv 
2. Use offensive stance (put spike/Jeiv on the back for massive dmg)
3. At least u need lv 30 offensive stance to wipe all enemy
Any specific reason why?
Hellen has skill *Increases her def and taunt all enemy to her and spike has passive skill *all immune status colonthree emoticon . So, your hellen never be stuned xd and u can lvlup your 3 low tier without the prob or dead kiki emoticon
and How about I use Jeiv for dmg dealer? Actually Jeiv better than spike. bcuz he has low cd AOE skill. But for starter player Spike is the most important chara for any field (Not for ruby farm only) kiki emoticon .
How to make hellen more active?
The key for fast runs in 7-1 is *speed and *counter attack. So , u need equip hellen with that two point.
Skill settings in dungeon
Stage 1- Use spike Aoe frozen to wipe all enemy and make preparation to use hellen skill *taunt all enemy (just click gold shield colonthree emoticon while u wait for the next stage)
Stage 2- when hellen already release her defense stance. just use all your skill like hellen Aoe or spike single hit and save spike Aoe skill for the next stage
Stage 3 - Use spike Aoe frozen and enjoy your 6 ruby colonthree emoticon
Let say you are normal player or soft player .So, maybe u only can use 112++ key per day . Since only 8 rounds to max 3 your low tier. Here my calculated
112 (keys) : 8 (rounds) = 14 (turn to max 3 your low tier)
14 x 6 (ruby) = 84 ruby
Master Grind *Hellen Solo* (Only for max player skill)
U need :
- max player skill
-Max offensive stance
- Unlock your 2x hellen equipment
- 4 fodder/lowtier
Hellen equipment settings
2x Critical option high grade weap ( 180-240 dmg) and 2x Counter armor (U can use 5 star armor)
Hunt area 
2-5 and 2-10 Hell floor
" Just put your hellen on the backline for massive dmg. Her AOE can wipe all enemy and dont forget put 4 lowtier in your party too XD"
Stage 1- Use hellen AOE skill to wipe all enemy and make preparation to use hellen 2nd skill.
Stage 2 - When hellen already release her defense stance just use all skill u hav (Don't forget always use hellen 2nd skill) and save hellen AOE for the last stage
Stage 3 - Use Hellen AOE and enjoy your 8 ruby colonthree emoticon
Let say only 9 round to max 4 your lowtier in 2-10 hell floor. Here my calculated if u hav only 108 key per day.
108 (Keys) : 9 (rounds) = 12 (turn to max 4 your lowtier)
12 x 8 (Ruby) = 96 ruby per day
Enjoy~~~~~~~ colonthree emoticon
Final Team/GodSpeed team (Only For max player skill) ( Only 36-40 sec:3)
All Team Using Defensive Stance (4-1):
Nia x Bolt lv 34 >< Ace (Frontliner)
Jeiv lv 32/34 >< Eileen/Ace (Frontliner)
Ray lv 34 >< Ace/Eileen (Frontliner)
Velika lv 34 >< Ace (Frontliner)
"Why defensive stance? Frontliner can taunt all enemy attack almost 80/90%.Even one of your lowtier dead. in the end when u reach 8x used keys. They will max level (3 your lowtier).
"Why Backliner must lv 34 except jeiv? bcuz, U need 1600+ (Attack Demage) to one shoot all enemy. Bellow that number u can't make it colonthree emoticon . So, that's why u need a high grade 6* weapon too."
Area Farming : 7-1 (Hell floor)
Skill settings in dungeon:
Duo Nia and bolt >< Ace
Stage 1 : Use Ace AOE to wipe all enemy.
Stage 2 : Now nia time colonthree emoticon just use 1 of nia AOE skill to wipe all enemy. 
Stage 3 : Same move like stage 2 & Enjoy your 6 rubies $_$
"If u hav chara except nia but he/she has 2 AOE skill. U can use same method like stage 1. U just need : let a Frontliner take a move 1st to use AOE skill"
Final Team (2) (Only For max player skill) ( 100 % no death & only 37 sec Clear) (Credit by : Peter Son )
U need : 
-Max Player Skill
-Max Offensive stance (1-4)
-Atk Dmg 1500++ For backliner/Dmg dealer
Best Unit
- Jeiv lv 32+ (Backliner) and Ace/Eileen (Frontliner)
- Ray lv 34 (Backliner) and Ace/Eileen (Frontliner)
Player Skill Settings
---SS Upcoming---
Update Notice : if u want upgrade, evolve, or fuse your monster so fast. U can bought 45 keys. it's like discount 90% to me XD. let's say u can max lvl your monster 5 times using 45 keys. 5 (turn to max 3 your low tier) x 6 (Rubies) = 30 ruby saving. So, that means u only use 15 ruby for bought keys. Cheap and efficiency isnt. Enjoy~~~~
Enjoy :d

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