Twin Saga paladin pure tank build

Twin Saga paladin pure tank build by _Amaranthine_ 

1. Pros and Cons

Pros: High Defense and HP stats that allow for above par survivability and an efficiency in pulling and handling large mob groups.
Cons: Lower attack stats when compared to other builds, resulting in slower kill rates.

2. Specializations

Placing your skill points is a puzzle game: do it safe and do it smart, and you’ll be able to make the most out of your build without wasting points along the way.
Terms to know: 
Haste – Attack/Cast Speed
How fast a move casts
EVA - Evasion/Dodge
Aptitude of avoiding incoming attacks
HP - Health Points
Life Force
DEF – Defense
Ability to withstand damage
ATK – Attack/Damage
Damage dealt
CRIT - Critical Rate/Hit
Chance to land critical hits/ hit harder
This section includes a visual example, as well as an overall explanation, of the specializations tree and the choice made upon in. You will see them below:

For this build, it is important to focus on the Dawn skill path as Health and Defense are essential to survivability. A tank that can be mowed down like a blade of grass is not only ineffective, but hazardous to parties as well. Make sure to secure your defenses before they become your downfall.
Row 1 – Dawn
For this build, I began by selecting Taunting Shield for its Threat Generation and added bonus to Shield Bash. I recommend this skill as it will help you maintain attention on and keep it away from your party members.
I went on to add the necessary 3 points in Heart of Stone 1 to unlock Righteous Justice in the future. Nonetheless, I was still lacking the 10 overall points needed to move on in the Skill Tree. As such, I placed one skill point in Salubrious Salute 1 before moving on.
Skill Points: 5/55
Row 2 – Dawn
In this row, I placed 5 points in Salubrious Salute 2 to unlock the next. This decision was made for two distinct reasons:
Firstly, due to the difference in the HP increase between Salubrious Salute 1 and Salubrious Salute 2 (+0.2% vs +0.4% or +1% total vs +2% total), I determined that it was more beneficial to max the latter and save any excess points for future usage. While you could max the former, it’s important to keep in mind that skill points are limited. Aim to get the maximum number of stats out of them that you can.
Secondly, evasion is all but wasted on paladins. As a class with above average base hp and strong defensive stats, there is little reason to worry about dodging incoming attacks. Why? Because you can handle them, especially with this build. Because of this I consider Dodging Drive 1 worthy of being ignored. Nonetheless, you are free to use it in your own build if you so wish.
Skill Points: 10/55
Row 3 – Dawn
I grabbed Righteous Justice in this row for the added resistance, a key but often overlooked factor of building effective defenses. This was a personal decision and by no means necessary; skip it if you desire.
I went on to add 4 points into Heart of Stone 2 for its defense bonus. That, and it enabled me to move on to the fourth row. If you decide to skip Righteous Justice, place 5 here instead.
Skill Points: 15/55
Row 4 – Dawn
Though not the most effective or seemingly helpful of Skill Masteries, I placed a point into Shield Bash for the added AoE range of the skill. When handling large groups of mobs, having a wide attack range is essential for both control and consistent damage. This is especially true for tanks looking to lead parties as Paladin lacks in the reach of other classes.
I went on to place 5 points in Salubrious Salute 3 to unlock Row 5 and give myself more base HP. (While 4 points are enough to unlock the next row, the fifth will play an important role in the next phase, hence my decision to use it.)
Skill Points: 21/55
Row 5 – Dawn
I recommend True Believer for the potential -5% DMG taken it provides. While it may not seem like much, this specialization – in tandem with the other DMG reduction buffs produced by the class – has the potential to negate, or at least reduce, a large portion of damage you would have otherwise taken.
After placing 3 points in Heart of Stone 3 to unlock the next row, I moved on with my build. (Keep in mind that my first goal in any build is to climb the specialization tree as fast as I can; as such, the remaining two points for this specialization will be added later.)
Skill Points: 25/55
Row 6 – Dawn
Skill Mastery – Divine Radiance is a must have for tank oriented Paladins. Not only does it grant you extra healing potential and power (necessary in situations when outside heals are limited or unable to keep up with your sustained damage), it gives you – and your party members – a shield to negate incoming damage. Remember: low defense a good tank does not make. (Yes, the awkward wording is done on purpose.)
Add 4 points to Heart of Stone 4 and move on with your build as the fifth will be added later.
Skill Points: 30/55
Row 7 – Dawnjavascript:bbstyle(4);
Skill Mastery – Healing Aura should be obtained for much the same reason as Divine Radiance. Aim to make the work easier for your healers and maintain your health on your own as much as you can.
Place 4 points in Heart of Stone 5 to unlock row 8, with the fifth being added later.
Skill Points: 35/55
Row 8 – Dawn
Eternal Seal is recommended for its overall 3% DMG reduction. As a tank, this is highly useful. While you could go on to place 4 skill points in Resilience – thereby gaining more base resistance – I suggest going through and using those very same points to max out Heart of Stone 5, Heart of Stone 4 and Heart of Stone 3. Doing either option, or any combination of the two, will unlock the final row of this specialization tree.
Skill Points: 40/55
Row 9 – Dawn
Reduce more of your taken damage? Potentially negate 5% of the damage sustained by your allies and transfer it elsewhere as damage? What is there not to find attractive about this Keystone? Grab Morning Light and marvel over your newfound tank-ability! (Or don’t; it's up to you.)
Skill Points: 41/55
*At this point you should have 41/55 Skill Points used (assuming you have reached level 55 and followed this guide). Rather than filling out the Dawn path to its max, turn your attention to the Dusk skill tree for a change of pace. *
Row 1 – Dusk
Attack is essential not only in bringing enemies to their knees, but healing and protecting your backside as well. Because this build lacks the attack power of the other two, it is important to grab a few bonus ATK points when your defense allows it. Go ahead and max out Heavy-Handed 1 to move on to row 2. That, or split those five points between it and Urgency 1.
Skill Points: 46/55
Row 2 – Dusk
Once more, you are presented with an opportunity for more attack by Heavy-Handed 2. Place 5 points there to progress to row 3. As crit, like evasion, is wasted on a Paladin, I don’t suggest placing anything in Critically Keen 1.
Skill Points: 51/55
Row 3 – Dusk
Warning Beacon – grab it. I’ve already explained the benefits of having ATK boosts, but that +5% Move SPD isn’t bad either. As a tank you need to be able to skirt around a map and pull mobs with you. The easier you can do this, the better you can perform your job.
Skill Points: 52/55
*At this point you should be at 52/55 with your Skill Points. This isn’t enough to move you onto the next row of the Dusk path and leave you room to add one of the skills presented there. Spread these 3 points out as you see fit. As for me? I gave myself a smidgen of haste by placing two points in Urgency 2 and some bonus resistance by placing the last inResiliance. *
Total Stat Increase:
Defense: +9.8%
HP: +5.2%
Attack: +6%
Haste: +1%
Evasion: +0%
Crit: +0%
Move Speed: +5%
Resistance: +3%

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