Twin Saga Conversation Guide

Twin Saga Conversation Guide by Palimonki this guide is for all conversations we have atm and for all future conversations. 
If you complete a conversation you will get 3 achievement points, a title and 3 loyalty points. 
If you finish ALL conversations on a map you'll get 10 achievement points, a title and 10 LP. 

Raywing Harbor 

Birthday Present 
Hans and Lorena 
x198 y169 
Title: Faithful 

Bird Dodger 
Bebeto and Martina 
x425 y271 
Title: Waitress 

Fruit of the Sea 
Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x337 y215 
Title: Sailor 

A Perfect Father 
Nobby and his dad 
x291 y138 
Title: Peon 

pumkin farmer 
x230 y342 
Title: Daydreaming 

Sharing Recipes 
Astrid and the other housewives 
x252 y449 
Title: Fresh 

Peeping Tom 
Hubert and his friend Laurence 
x227 y573 
Title: Goddess 

Certified Creeper 
Theresa and her sister 
x368 y562 
Title: Traitor 

Raywing Harbor Eavesdropper 
All conversations in Raywing Harbor 
Title: Amicable 

Woolruft Plains 

She's Not Mommy 
Hans and Lorena 
x830 y607 
Title: Innocent 

Barking Up The Wrong Tree 
Bebeto and Tracy 
x976 y720 
Title: Creep 

All About Lamb 
Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x956 y574 
Title: Delicious 

Just An Ordinary Day 
Brett and his girlfriend 
x886 y752 
Title: Prideful 

Itsy Bitsy Spider 
Slippy and his sister 
x902 y606 
Title: Careless 

Run, Rabbit, Run! 
Caleb talking to the rabbits 
x988 y454 
Title: Rabbit 

Hearts of Gold 
Agatha and Stan 
x853 y610 
Title: Samaritan 

Lookin' Fine 
Preena and her handsome victim 
x602 y795 
Title: Rich Kid 

Woolruft Plains Eavesdropper 
All conversation in Woolruft Plains 
Title: Listener 

Vitreus Mines 

Collateral Damage 
Hans and Lorena 
x105 y633 
Title: Orphaned 

The More You Know 
Bebeto and Jenna 
x747 y719 
Title: Sweetie Pie 

Born a Carnivore 
Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x196 y521 
Title: Greedy 

A Kind Patrolman 
Miner and Patroller 
x761 y240 
Title: Penniless 

A Veteran's Tale 
Veteran and two Novice 
x646 y361 
Title: Storyteller 

Generation Gap 
Poet and an old man 
x480 y545 
Title: Sleepwalking 

For Queen and Country 
Nellie and her mom 
x225 y621 
Title: Indomitable 

On a High Horse 
Smooth Claudio 
x541 y817 
Title: Narcissist 

Vitreus Mines Eavesdropper 
All conversations in Vitreus Mines 
Title: Gossipy 

Bluemoon Grove 

Missing Mother 
Hans and Lorena 
x651 y256 
Title: Obstinate 

Bebeto and Selena 
x276 y743 
Title: Popular 

Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x616 y423 
Title: Priceless 

A Little Bird Told Me 
Dan and Jesper 
x696 y760 
Title: Adversary 

Losers Unite! 
Jango and his friends 
x698 y311 
Title: Companion 

Questionable Research 
Professor and his assistants 
x124 y391 
Title: Curious 

Rock Paper Scissors 
Lillian and her brother 
x608 y387 
Title: Shameless 

Lost Ghost 
Ghost Girl 
x203 y393 
Title: Ghost 

Bluemoon Grove Eavesdropper 
All conversations in Bluemoon Grove 
Title: Spy 

Maplewood Glen 

Far Side of the Mountain 
Hans and Lorena 
x515 y474 
Title: Salesman 

Hustler's Technique 
Bebeto and Bina 
x507 y612 
Title: Salesman 

Just One More Bite 
Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x401 y291 
Title: Weak-Minded 

A Romantic Proposal 
Christopher and Ellie 
x706 y54 
Title: Superstitious 

Voices of Mass Destruction 
Toto, Ian and Krai 
x507 y516 
Title: Singer 

Green Around the Gills 
Foreign Prince Lucas 
x153 y446 
Title: Delusional 

Word of Advice 
Master Practitioner and his apprentice 
x654 y453 
Title: Penitent 

Out for a Walk 
Rosalie and her pet 
x601 y660 
Title: Manager 

Maplewood Glen Eavesdropper 
All conversations in Maplewood Glen 
Title: Omniscient 

Arrakin Desert 

A Mother's Story 
Hans and Lorena 
x590 y476 
Title: Drowsy 

A Taste of Your Own Medicine 
Bebeto and Hillary 
x675 y603 
Title: Auntie 

Good Service 
Pasquale and his wife Mathilda 
x649 y633 
Title: Delight 

In It Together 
Archeology Professor Heinrich, Student Schwartz and Rowanda 
x364 y376 
Title: Sisterless 

Pep Talk 
Captain Nivelle and Soldier Sid 
x379 y515 
Title: Unyielding 

The Vow 
x724 y626 
Title: My 

In Dreams 
Benson and Lucille 
x699 y332 
Title: Spoiled 

Pirate Game 
Beppo, Ankil and Kazimir 
x868 y436 
Title: Treasure Hunter 

Arrakin Desert Eavesdropper 
All conversations in Arrakin Desert 
Title: Journalist

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