Twin Saga cleric build

Twin Saga cleric build by DarylValentine
Hello everyone! I am Seraph, and today I'll be giving you a quick rundown on my personal favourite, the Cleric class. Please note that this guide represents only my personal experience and opinion, and I am not trying to suggest that this is the best or the only playstyle and build for Cleric. This guide is strictly based on PvE experience only, so keep that in mind when you read it.

Twin Saga's Cleric is standard among MMO healers, albeit suffering from a limited skill pool in comparison to most. This class is the game's only dedicated healer, outclassing a paladin in terms of support by far. The Cleric is almost mandatory when running late-game or end-game content, usually taking a step back from the dangers of a fight to support their allies and debuff their enemies. 

With a couple of offensive spells in their arsenal, Clerics are also easy to handle solo dungeons and questing with due to their ability to heal themselves consistently. 


Here are your Cleric Skills: 


Holy Fire - Your bread and butter single-target attack. This does Arcane damage, as well as providing you and your party with a +3% ATK buff, stacking 3 times to a maximum of +9% ATK. Generates 100SP. Try to keep this at 3 stacks whenever possible. 

Heaven's Wrath - This is a linear AoE (Area of Effect) spell that hits all enemies in its line of fire with Arcane damage. It also leaves them with a -6% ATK debuff for 6 seconds. Generates 100SP and can be used on other classes as a Common Skill. Try and hit as many enemies with this as you can during big dungeon pulls to minimize the damage your tank is going to take. 

Holy Light - This is a single-target healing spell. It has a fairly short cooldown and can be used often, the amount based off your ATK. If your ally is in your Sanctification AoE, they also gain a 3-second HoT (Heal over Time). Generates 90SP. Goes on a very short cooldown, so I use this often. 

Sanctification - Drops an AoE zone of light for 4 seconds. Allies standing in it will be healed each second, and enemies inside will take damage every second. If an enemy is affected by your Heaven's Wrath spell, it will also suffer -50% Move SPD. Generates 140SP. Unless a battle is about end in the next few seconds, I always drop this when it comes off cooldown. Incredibly useful skill. 

Heaven's Light - A pretty standard AoE heal. Not a lot to talk about here, it heals everyone near you for almost as much as Holy Light does, but on a much longer cooldown. Generates 140SP. Normally the first thing I reach for when 2 or more people have taken a big hit. 

Hallowed Flare - Blesses you and nearby party members with a buff for 15 seconds which gives +4% DMG dealt and -2% DMG taken. If you have cast Sanctification in the last 3 seconds, it also gives a buff named Hallowed Blessing which increases their primary stats by 4% for 8 seconds. Generates 100SP. Hold off on casting Sanctification if this is about to come off cooldown, since the combo effect is too good to pass up. 

Resurrection - A long-cast spell that will revive one of your party members when they are KO'd. They are brought back with a tiny percentage of their health, so it's wise to try and throw as many heals as possible on your target after they get up to prevent them from dying again immediately. Can be used as a Common Skill on all classes, but brings the target back with more HP if the user is a Cleric. Generates 130SP. If you can manage to pull this off without the party wiping, go for it. Bringing back your tank while your party kites the boss around can save a bad run. 

And now, the Ultimate Moves: 


Ult: Light of Protection - This ultimate does Arcane damage and gives your team a small damage reduction buff for 10 seconds after it's used. Weak in comparison to the other 2, in my personal opinion, I can't say I ever use this. 

Ult: Light of Might - Does Arcane damage and boosts all allies' ATK stat +8% for 10 seconds.. Very useful for scenarios you feel safe and comfortable healing without using Ult: Healing Light. I run this probably around 70% of the time. 

Ult: Healing Light - Does Arcane damage and adds a HoT to all party members for 6 seconds. This heal is incredibly strong in comparison to either Holy Light or Heaven's Light over its full duration. I always run this Ult when I'm running new dungeons, or something I'm not 100% confident I can heal without any deaths. 

For my Common Skills, I like to take Flip (Gunslinger Lv20) and Burning Will (Swordmaster Lv20). Flip will help you maneouver yourself around to avoid attacks between casts, and Burning Will for extra ATK to help with healing power. 


When it comes to Specializations, the game presents you with two very distinct paths. Seraph, which is the side with the defensive stat increases (HP, DEF, EVA, Threat Generation) also offers healing/damage reduction skill bonuses. Meanwhile,Ascetic, the side with offensive stat bonuses (+ATK, DMG dealt, Crit, Haste) also has skill bonuses that boost your damage output and add extra debuffs onto your skills. 

I like to use an Ascetic DMG-based path when I'm soloing or questing often, and a Seraph HP-based build when I'm playing with groups and doing party dungeons. Here are both paths at Lv43: 


Seraph Bonuses: 

Purity Prayer - Once every 15 seconds, your next attack removes a random debuff from your target and does bonus damage. 

Skill Mastery: Heaven's Wrath - This skill now also grants DMG taken -2%, stacking 5 times up to 10%. Lasts 15 seconds. 

Skill Mastery: Holy Light - Holy Light now bounces between 3 friendly targets after it is cast, healing them all for a small amount. 

Holy Madrigal - Increases healing done by 12%, and gives a 20% chance that you will take 15% less damage when attacked. 

Skill Mastery: Heaven's Light - Increases the healing done by this skill by 30%, takes 25% off the cooldown and also removes a debuff when it is cast. 

Sacred Prayer - Your skills grant DMG Taken -1% and Res +1% for your party. Stacks 4 times, and lasts 15 seconds. 

Sanctuary Hymn - Healing done +6%, Max HP +6%. Hallowed Flare now also grants DMG Taken -4%. 

Ascetic Bonuses: 

Will of Clarity
 - DMG dealt +3%. 

Skill Mastery: Holy Fire - (This isn't very clear. I believe it adds a small DoT to Holy Fire). 

Skill Mastery: Sanctification - Increases the DMG by +15% and lowers the cooldown by 20%. 

Sacred Reach - Your skills inflict DEF -4% and EVA -4% on surrounding enemies for 6 seconds. 

Polaris - Your attacks have a chance to do bonus damage, with an added DoT afterwards. 

Divine Light - Your skills grant allies +1% DMG dealt and +2% Haste, stacking 4 times and lasting 15 seconds. 

Mama Knows Best - ATK +6% and adds a +8% DMG dealt buff to Hallowed Flare. 


With my Starstones, I like to take main stats in this order: 

ATK > Crit > Haste 

And skill bonuses in this order: 

Healing Bonus > Cooldown on Heals/Buffs > Damage Bonuses

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