Blade & Soul Force Master skill build

Force Master PVE Build – Singe Target

Once you have got understood the overall plan of force master’s stacking mechanics and buff, there shouldn’t be any drawback on what talent to feature. it's all up to you on however you would like your build to be. Below is simply however i need to play my FM skills.
force master build
Ember Stack skills:
F, Z, C,
Detonation Skills:
LB (4-1),F
Ice Support Skills:
3, C, V, F( Ice for regen), Tab (ice)
Fire Orbs:
F, C
Ice Orbs:
X, 3, F, RB
Ignored Skills: 1 & Tab (Fire)
My build primarily balances up the vital components. the explanation why I chooseautomatic detonation of fragment stack is as a result of i'd rather pay longer casting alternative skills. Explosion (Tab path 2) is most well-liked as a block ability that I sometimes use it in Mushin tower against seven & eight.
However, if you need Searing Flame (Tab path 3) to knock down enemies (likeSnow Jade Palace‘s second boss), then description for it. betting on circumstances, it'd prove helpful.
Two usual combos:
Fire combo: X (x2 if crit) – V(Stack) – 2(Stack) – LB (Explodes) – 2 (Stack) -LB
Ice combo: All Ice dps to stack ice buff – then move to fire buff skills
Other skills: Used whiling waiting for the cool down of other skills. Example Skill 4 (Charge for 5 sec)

Force Master PVE Build – Multiple Target

In this section, i might simply describe the build i take advantage of whereas facing a gaggle of enemies.  The skills are mostly AOEAOE and a number of of them area unit single target. the one target skills area unit used as a result of they assist to recover your Hp/Mp. At this time, I sometimes ignore all the rules of stacking, buff, combos and check out to spam the maximum amount as I will to kill additional.
AOE Fire Skills:
2, z, v
Ice Skills:
3, z
Try to collect both fire and ice orbs so you can cast Twin Dragon Blast to deal more damage.

Force Master PVE Build – Mushin Tower

Mushin tower is known to be challenging.  It is even more difficult for Force Master if your dps is not high enough or your skills are not used correctly. In order for you to challenge Mushin, you will need to master  the timing for i-frame block and damage stacks.
You will need both good dps skills and defense skills. Do not focus only in DPS skills because you will need to counter as well.  Slight modification for the PVE single target build is recommended for Mushin Tower. Here are the important skills that will definitely help you:
Explosion (Tab) – This skill work wonders in 7th floor because you can use it to break the boss combo. The down side of this is, it lasts for 0.5 second only and it’s very hard to time. The more you use it, the better you will be.
Searing Flame (Tab) – Works well in 8th floor and allow you to get yourself together
searing flame
Protection Barrier (C) – Reduce damage for a certain period
protection barrier
Ice Flower (V) – Prevent yourself from being combo-ed at 7th & 8th floors
ice flower
Cyroblast (3) – Stun and freeze
Try to keep a distance from the boss though it will be hard for you to stay far always. Change your build at each level and make full use of all your skills. Do consider using Force Grip (4) to hold and recover MP. It also helps in stopping the boss combos (7th, 8th floors).
There is no absolute right or wrong in skill building. I have even seen some players investing 1 point at  Withdraw (SS) which I probably won’t advise you to do so. As long as you can clear it, everything is good.

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