Tree Of Savior Quarrel Shooter guide

Tree Of Savior Quarrel Shooter

Ku~oreru shooter man with Hapisu Ku~oreru shooter woman with a shield and crossbow
Class name Quarrel Shooter
Rank Secondary jobs
Base class Archer (Archer)
Role Attacker
Main weapon Bow , crossbow
Sub weapon Shield
Main status Agility
Attack distance Long distance
Riding -

Features of Quarrel Shooter

"Quarrel Shooter (quarrel shooter)", the crossbow is a class that specializes in the use of. If you use one hand bow, on the other hand sub ​​weapon and shield to become to be able to use, you will be able to complement the shooter vulnerable defense. In particular, Pabisu (upright shield) when memorizing a Pabisu (pavise), because it would use that can block the enemy Ranged, allowing strategic play.

Tree Of Savior Quarrel Shooter play video

Tree Of Savior Quarrel Shooter shooter skills

Circle Icon Skill name Effect
1 deploy pavise To prevent long-range attacks by installing a Pabisu on the ground.
scatter caltrop The harm to a subject in light throwing To~uropu to dig in the ground, it reduces the movement speed.
stone picking You pick up the stone for the launch in the field. We will not be able to pick up in the town.
stone shot By firing a bullet of stones to attack the target. Target will fall into stunned at a certain probability.
2 rapid fire After loading the multiple arrows in the bow, and attack by fire to the target.

Skill characteristics of Ku~oreru shooter

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