Tree of savior Archer

Archer (Archer)

Tree of Savior, of TOS class, Archer man Tree of Savior, of TOS class, Archer woman
Class name Archer (Archer)
Rank Basic class
Base class Archer (Archer)
Role Attacker
Main weapon Bow
Sub weapon -
Main status Agility
Attack distance Long distance
Riding -

Features of Archer

"Archer (archer)" is the base class for archers system character. Bow attack power varies depending on the distance to the enemy. Instead move is not possible to be changing its stance, it will improve the attack effective range. Because it is a possible attack during the movement class, it is a good class to be the other party a powerful monster that including the boss. Some of the monsters of the Tree of Savior, because there are features such as do not share the hate value of a fellow monster, with Obikidashi the enemies in the population attack from long distance can be better fight such kill one by one body .

Archer play video

Archer skills

Circle Icon Skill name Effect
1 swift step The moving speed of the moving shot will increase.
1 multi shot in the specified location and then quickly launch several books of arrow.
1 fulldraw And fired an arrow to penetrate the enemy, it can reduce the defense force of the enemy damage.
1 kneeling shot Change the stance, and the attack by the kneeling. Attack power and range distance will increase in the kneeling state.
2 oblique shot It wants to launch attack the arrows to bounce close to the enemy when hit.

Skill characteristics of the Archer

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