Dragomon Hunter mercenary guide

dragomon hunter Barbarian guide / Dragomon Hunter battle Axe mercenary build by gameacc512

1. Why Barbarian:
- High damaging skills
- Self/party buffs that boost CRIT DMG
- Basic 3-skill combo increases DMG with second skill, and third skill heals by 10% of the damage dealt
- Skills that apply DoT
- Their blocking move increases their ATK SPD after an enemy's attack
- Because of plate armor, look very heroic.
- Vortex blade skill. This skill is so much like "spin to win". All you need to do just spin around.
When spinning, barbarian rapidly hit the target, as i count it about 10 hits in 4 sec. If your SPD stat higher, in 4 sec it can hit 10+times.
Every hit can triggers critical, dragocite... so i will build my character focus on this skill.
This is the stats:
2. Stats build:
Every time level up you can gain stats point. I reset my stats so many time before lv40, because after you reach lv40 it cost 200gold for reset. So feel free to reset it before 40.
Here the barbarian stats graph:
As you can see, Barbarian have high HP, normal SPD, normal AOE, normal DMG and little CC. In game, the charracter interface let you put stats point in ATK, PEN, CRIT, DEF, HP.
I have try to full ATK then HP, but i die easily when facing boss monster.
After calculating, i found out:
When you put 1 stats point in ATK, you gain ~15dmg.
When you put 1 stats point in PEN, you gain ~8pen.
When you put 1 stats point in CRIT, you gain ~18crit.
When you put 1 stats point in DEF, you gain ~8def.
When you put 1 stats point in HP, you gain ~105hp.
So i put all my points to HP, then CRIT. This build is good for party dungeon. When soloing, i put all points to CRIT, then HP.
However, the most important stats, which effect all of those above is character level. With higher level everything is easier for you. So grind as fast as you can.
Because of DMG output rely so much on CRIT, have to raise my CRIT DMG % as high as possible. I think the CRIT DMG cap is about 300%. How to raise to 300%:
- Barbarian have 1 skill boost 20% CRITDMG. (This support my build so much). Image below:
- Dragoncitee (Waist slot 20-25% CRITDMG). And you also can transform it for CRITDMG%
With high enough CRITDMG and CRIT, Barbarian can do about 10k dmg every hit. With vortex blade it can do about 100kdmg in 4sec. I dont know it OP or not, but it's sure high dmg output. Because most of the time Barbarian act like a tanker in party.
This game also have 1 very good mechanic, when (only) Mercenary fight a boss, you can knockdown or stun the boss when the yellow gauge is gone 0%. There is a Dragocite let you do 300% dmg to knockeddown enemy, i think you should give it a try.
3. Skill combo
1. Leap strike/Jump attack or whatever. U jump from far distance to enemy head, i see a lot of crit chance when use this skill.
2. Basic attack: Press at least 2s to have 30% dmg boost for 6s. Press 3s it cant recover a bit HP. (you can use this skill fisrt, before you leap in, its good too)
3. Use Frenzy Block now to block the dmg of enemy, because after you hit them they will counter ( When you block succesfully, you gain alot SPD, which reduce your skill cast animation and increase the hit amount of Vortex Blade skill)
4. Destroy wind cut: Very fast 3 hit skill give DOT
5. Vortex blade: SPIN, SPIN, SPIN. Move when spinning to avoid enemy hit.
REMEMBER to buff 20% CRIT DMG before leap in.
If the enemy havent dead yet, repeat. Or you can use what skill you like. I recommend use basic attack after every skill you use to have 30% dmg boost and recover HP.
4. Skill Specialization.
When reach level 30, you can use the skill point to upgrade your old skill to a new level. Skill point max is 10000 point, i havent farm all of them yet.
I prefer invest in some skill i will show below:
LEAP STRIKE. Very brutal skill Very Happy You stand from far away, then jump in and chop down the head of enemy. Increase the range of this skill is very good, when pvp it help alot, you can stand out of the cast range of mage/gunner and leap in. It also raise the ATK too
VORTEX BLADE. Increase the cooldown of this skill, when full 5 star the cooldown only 4.6sec, mean you can spin continuosly, just SPIN SPIN SPIN. It also add HP.
Increse SHARP DANCE too to get the CRITDMG and ATK SPD, alot of dmg output.
5. Item build
As a barbarian you can wear plate and leather armor.
Plate provide high DEF and HP.
Leather provide high CRIT.

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